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Serving as a gateway to Florida’s scenic highway 30A, the new 30Avenue mixed-use development is within easy walking distance to several famed beaches on northwest Florida’s panhandle. The distinctive complex, featuring metal roofing from Petersen, offers 130,000 sq. ft. of combined retail and office space. The architecture and landscape of 30Avenue merge sophisticated design with the area’s natural beauty and relaxed coastal lifestyle.

30Avenue is composed of one- and two-story buildings clad with white stucco and covered with standing seam metal roofing. Approximately 30,000 sq. ft. of Petersen’s PAC-CLAD .040” aluminum Snap-Clad panels were utilized in a multi-phase installation. The PAC-CLAD panels were finished in Cool Color Cityscape, which was chosen to complement the extensive white stucco, and black shutters and awnings.

Design for the project was created by Dougherty Architecture + Design in Destin, Fla. “Our design intent was to create a retail/office complex that was reflective of the nearby beach environment and lifestyle,” said Joe Dougherty, principal. “With nice landscaping and a variety of interesting shapes and forms highlighted by a complex roof design, the project is really engaging.”

The Petersen Cityscape color was an important aesthetic factor, Dougherty noted. “Cityscape really enhances the white stucco,” he said. “And, of course, we used aluminum because of the harsh coastal environment. Aluminum stands up well against the weather and the saltwater.”

Dougherty Architecture has previous experience with PAC-CLAD products. “Petersen is a manufacturer we usually specify. And the Snap-Clad performance specs met all of our requirements for wind uplift, UV protection, ease of application and warranty,” Dougherty said.

Installation of the Petersen panels was done by Ameritech Roofing in Panama City, Fla. Ameritech project manager Philip Jorgenson agreed with architect Dougherty about the complexity of the roof design. “There were lots of different pitches and intersecting planes,” Jorgenson said. “We did extensive custom detailing on site. When you design a complex building like that, you can’t draw every detail. You see what the framers built and then figure out how to flash it. We ordered the panels in general sizes and then cut them to fit on-site. It’s a very efficient way to maximize use of the material. We were really close on the cut list.”

Jorgenson also agreed with Dougherty’s opinion of the Snap-Clad profile. “Snap-Clad is a popular panel that we like to use because of the wind rating and the aesthetics of it and because it doesn’t require mechanical seaming,” Jorgenson said. He also likes working with Petersen. “They provide a great product and they’re good people to work with. If there is an issue, they take care of it right away. We’re really pleased with our Petersen relationship,” Jorgenson reported.

About Petersen

Petersen Aluminum logoPetersen, a Carlisle company, manufactures PAC-CLAD architectural metal cladding systems in multiple gauges of steel and aluminum. PAC-CLAD products include hidden- and exposed-fastener wall panels, standing seam roof panels, flush- and reveal-joint wall panels, vented or solid soffit panels, perforated metal, coil and flat sheet, composite panels, column covers, plus fascia and coping. All are available in a Kynar-based 70% PVDF Fluropon coating in 46 standard colors and 16 wood grain finishes that include a 30-year finish warranty. Most colors meet LEED requirements and are rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council. Custom colors and weathertightness warranties are offered. BIM and CAD documents are available for most products. Founded in 1965, Petersen’s facilities are located in Illinois, Georgia, Texas, Maryland, Arizona, Washington and Minnesota. For information on the complete line of Petersen’s PAC-CLAD metal products, call 800-PAC-CLAD, visit or write to

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