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Fastening Solutions For Retrofit Roof And Wall Projects

Pittsburgh, PA - When it comes to retrofit metal wall and roof systems, the attachment of the new roofing and cladding to the existing surfaces is everything! You have to use the right fasteners and fastening systems for the job, and you have to know they’ll hold. Fortunately, Triangle Fastener Corporation has the information you need and can provide expert technical assistance to help ensure even the most complex retrofit roof and wall projects come off without a hitch.

A ready resource for contractors, engineers and even architects is Triangle’s Retro-Fit Roofing and Siding Selection Guide. The eight-page online guide, which is downloadable, takes viewers step-by-step through the process of analyzing the existing roof and selecting the correct fastener type for the conditions. It suggests the tools to use, the settings to use with those tools and notes typical field situations and how to address them.

Triangle Fastener has more than two dozen strategically located service centers around the country to meet the fastening needs of local contractors large and small. In addition to expert assistance in person, on the phone or via electronic communications, the company offers jobsite assistance with performing pull-out tests and analyzing unique conditions to find appropriate solutions.

To view and download the guide on the Triangle Fastener website, click here.

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Triangle Fastener Corporation is a leading provider of standard and specialty fasteners, sealants, and tools for metal construction industries. They have 23 locations and can provide job-site assistance, fastener recommendations, and product development. For more information visit the TFC website at For product samples call 800-486-1832.

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