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Utah Self-Storage Facility Features DBCI Roll-Up Doors

There’s nothing wrong with wanting function and aesthetics, even it’s for a self-storage building.

The Canyon Storage self-storage facility in Millcreek, Utah, offers a variety of options for customers in a safe, clean and well-lit area. Security comes from a 24-hour surveillance system, perimeter fencing, access-controlled entry and exit, as well as the 650 Series Doors from DBCI.

“This was a fun job,” said Brent Vincent, LEED AP, Principal at Vincent Design Group Inc., Salt Lake City. “People don’t want their self-storage buildings to look like self-storage buildings. So, we have to find ways to make it look more attractive.”

Canyon Storage features 553 units in six different sizes, some climate-controlled, ranging from 5 x 5 feet to 10 x 30 feet. DBCI roll-up doors installed on the project were in three colors: Glossy White, Gray and Safety Yellow, which can be seen through the windows from the front of the building. Small doors measure 3-feet, 8-inches wide and bigger doors measure 8-feet, 8-inches wide. All doors are 7-feet, 4-inches tall.

There are also several Orange doors that house fire safety equipment.

Storage units are accessible from the outside with easy access for semis as well as a secure inside.

“The doors come five or six on a pallet, all ready to go with the necessary hardware and fasteners,” said Lynn Barnett, owner of and senior project manager for Barnett Structures. “It’s a very easy door to install, very modular.”

Among the DBCI accessories for the doors are corner guards, which improve the longevity and durability of the corrugated hallway system.

Barnett Structures specializes in self-storage project design, engineering and components supply. Barnett said he’s proud of the relationship he’s built with his suppliers and customers, many who come back again and again.

DBCI supplied the Securawall Hallway System, a low-cost and attractive divider partition designed exclusively for self-storage facilities. The panel is designed to lock together tightly at the side seams, without the use of exposed fasteners. Securawall ensures security without sacrificing function, quality or aesthetics.

“We’ve been using DBCI doors for over 20 years,” Barnett said. “To be honest, we’ve never even tried any other door. They’re durable, attractive and easy to operate. In a facility like this where you’ve got 553 different people opening and closing the doors, it needs to be simple.”

Architect: Brent Vincent, Vincent Design Group Inc., Salt Lake City

Building Design-Engineering: Barnett Structures, Centerville, Utah

Door Installer: Menlove Construction, West Jordan, Utah

Completion Date: October 2019

About DBCI

DBCI_logoDBCI manufactures steel curtain roll-up doors for commercial and self-storage markets. To learn more, visit www.dbci.com.

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