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Central Pennsylvania Clinic

S-5! Snow Retention Systems Protects Clinic Visitors From Potential Dangers Of Snow And Ice

Donated time and materials made possible the construction of the Central Pennsylvania Clinic, a non-profit medical home for special children and adults. But that doesn't mean it isn't built right. The clinic is topped with a long-lasting metal roof that's equipped with one of the best snow retention systems on the market: ColorGard from S-5!.

The clinic, which caters to patients of all ages who suffer from rare, genetic disorders, is one of a series of facilities that created through a non-profit network and community organization established by Dr. D. Holmes Morton of Strasburg, PA, and his wife, Caroline. Their efforts helped create a pediatric clinic for children with rare, inherited disorders prevalent among the Plain people--mostly Amish and Mennonites--who live in rural communities, usually far from health centers and where treatment of genetic disorders is more prevalent.

The new Central Pennsylvania Clinic provides care and services on three floors: Main Level – main entrance; reception; office and waiting room; exam rooms; a treatment and procedure room; phlebotomy room; a patient, family, doctor consult room; staff conference room; and staff offices. Lower Level – biochemical and molecular laboratories; dental office; physical and occupational therapy rooms; hearing and vision labs; and staff offices. Upper Level – meeting room for medical and community gatherings; kitchen; workspaces for students, doctors and nurses in-training; and a genetic and medical library.

In true Amish fashion, the community organized a committee for the construction of the new clinic, put people in charge, assigned tasks and got it done. The project was a labor of love with materials and labor donated, along with cash.  The facility features a charcoal gray, Kynar-finished 24-gauge standing seam metal roof. Kyfus Metals Sales used a New Tech Machinery portable panel forming machine to form the roof panels from coiled steel supplied by E.B. Martin Roofing and A.B. Martin Roofing.

The Challenge

Along with determining an aesthetic solution to blend in with the beautiful scenic surroundings of this hilly rural community, the various roof contours and pitches of the roof presented a challenge for installers to determine precise snow loads. But snow retention was critical to the project because foot traffic around the building was expected to be heavy and everyone involved wanted to ensure a strong, long-lasting snow retention system was in place to provide maximum safety. 

Another challenge was the coordination of the roof project since it was a community project involving donations from many local businesses. The siding and trim work had to be constructed precisely to receive the metal roof panels. It was critical for all components to be compatible with this standing seam roof where everything would lock together in place. And, it was important to the roof installers to do it "the right way®", which is S-5!'s slogan. 

The Solution

Fisher’s Roofing utilized the complete S-5! ColorGard system, including the S-5-S Clamp, VersaClip and SnowClip II. Together, the snow retention solution provided the aesthetics they were seeking since the ColorGard system offered perfect color and finish-matching designed to last the life of the roof.  And, it offered the fully tested and engineered safety they needed to protect patrons from sliding snow off the new metal roof. 

E. B. Martin Roofing based in Upstate New York donated the steel along with local metal roofing company, A.B. Martin Roofing. Other local businesses including Kyfus Metal Sales donated their time and equipment to rollform the steel on-site; and Fisher’s Roofing donated their time to install the roof and complete snow retention system. The result was a beautiful roof and facility that would serve the community for years to come.

Project Team

Architect: Henry Architecture and Design
General Contractor: Sunset Construction
Roofing Contractor: Fisher’s Roofing
Steel Supplier: A.B. Martin Roofing & E.B. Martin Roofing
Roll Former: Kyfus Metals Sales
Snow guards: S-5!

Roof Stats
Roof Profile: 
24-gauge, 19.5 panel, Kynar charcoal gray standing seam metal roof

Roof Measurement: Approximately 12,000 square feet
Roof Pitch
: 4:12
S-5! Mounting Products Supplied:

     ColorGard® (26)
     S-5-S Clamp (130)
     VersaClip (130)
     SnowClip II (64)

About S-5!®


Founded by a veteran metal roof expert, S-5! has been the leading authority on metal roof attachment solutions since 1992. S-5!’s lifetime zero-penetration clamps and brackets attach ancillary items to standing seam and exposed-fastened metal roofs respectively, while maintaining roof integrity and warranties. Made in the U.S.A., S-5! solutions are engineered for a variety of roof-mounted applications and are now installed on more than 2.5 million metal roofs in 70+ countries worldwide, providing strength and longevity never before seen. For more information, visit  s-5.com.

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