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Deep Textured Stainless Proves Perfect Complement To Bar's Rustic Character

South of downtown Buffalo, NY is an ever-present reminder of the city’s former importance as an agricultural shipping port. There stands numerous clusters of hulking grain silos and associated processing facilities, some towering more than 100’ tall. They now sit empty but not necessarily forgotten. Artists, musicians and a new generation of businesses are gravitating to the area—now known as Silo City—and seeking to turn it into something new and altogether different. One of the businesses located there is Duende, a bar and event space whose décor is comprised of a mix of old and new materials, including texturized metal, locally sourced from Rigidized® Metals Corporation.

Duende’s rustic, industrial vibe is completely authentic. Many of the bar’s interior fixtures and furnishings are salvaged relics from Silo City’s past. Blending perfectly with those older elements is Rigidized® Metals’ 1RL pattern stainless steel, with its InvariMatte® Walnut finish. The pattern and finish are among many offered by Rigidized® Metals.

1RL is one of Rigidized® Metals’ Deep Textured Patterns. The patterns available in this product group are particularly effective at hiding scratches, dents, dings and abuse that materials are often subjected to in high-traffic areas like bar fronts. The InvariMatte® Walnut undertone offers an aesthetic appeal that allows it to fit perfectly with its intended surroundings, while retaining the corrosion resistance of the underlying ATI 2003® alloy.

To learn more about the 1RL pattern, download the data sheet now.

For more information on the InvariMatte® finish, click here.

About Rigidized® Metals

Rigidized-logoSince 1940, Rigidized® Metals Corporation has been a leader in the production of engineered metal surfaces and panels. Metal texturing to stainless, titanium, anodized aluminum, copper and other metal substrates adds strength, durability and beauty, making the company's products ideal choices for a whole host of interior and exterior applications, including as roofing, column covers, walls, elevator interiors, ceilings, screens and more. To learn more, visit rigidized.com.

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