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Alucoil’s larson® Panels Play Big Role In Design Of IUPUI Science Building

All discussions during the design phase of Innovation Hall at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis focused on constructing a facility that would host the most modern technological class offerings. Fittingly, a significant portion of the building’s façade consists of larson® aluminum composite material (ACM) from Alucoil.

According to the school’s website, Innovation Hall was constructed to meet the evolving teaching and research needs for programs in the School of Science, the School of Engineering and Technology and the School of Informatics and Computing. It also houses the university’s first Class 100 clean room, a specific type of space that provides high levels of cleanliness, allowing faculty and students to have space on campus to fabricate nanodevices. Innovation Hall, with approximately 100,000 square feet of usable space, has general classrooms and faculty offices, engineering and science labs and a state-of-the-art theater with two curved LED screens.

“We wanted to deliver a clean aesthetic reflective of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education program,” says Max Adams, senior project architect, senior associate at Perkins & Will of Chicago. “ACM was a cost-effective solution that reflects the technology field.

“The metallic silver panels allow light to play off the façade. They highlight the taut enclosure and clean lines as light grazes them. The metallic finish also gives the angled panels above windows shape even in overcast conditions.”

A total of 1,054 larson® panels, totaling 26,000 square feet, were installed on the building by Interior Specialties Inc. of Indianapolis (ISI). ISI also installed other metal components including the framing.

“Everything went just the way it was supposed to go,” says Brad Tuggle, project manager for ISI. “The clips went on a little different than some other ACM products we’ve worked with, but that wasn’t a big deal. It looks really good and it’s definitely another job we’re proud of.”

Shaffner Heaney Associates Inc. of South Bend, IN, served as fabricator for the aluminum composite material from Alucoil for Innovation Hall.

“The ACM on this project has a very clean look,” says Mark Haab, Vice President of Operations at Shaffner Heaney. “I was very impressed with the outcome of the sloping panel above the windows; a subtle adjustment from the flat wall but it creates a noticeable and complementary contrast. Some of the panels around the windows were assembled due to the overall width, along with the panels being vertically oriented. This is a smart design by Perkins & Will and well executed in the field by ISI. Everything went very smoothly, which is a testament to this project team.”

Innovation Hall, which opened for students in January 2021, has met all expectations.

“We are pleased with the crispness of the design and the panels contribute to the feeling that the building is well-organized, efficient and cleanly resolved,” Adams says.

About Alucoil North America

Alucoil_logoAlucoil North America, LLC is a domestic manufacturer of aluminum and metal composite material located in Manning, SC. It is part of Grupo Alibérico, a family-owned Spanish multinational manufacturer of aluminum products with global sales exceeding $300 million. It has industrial operations on five continents, employing over 1,200 people and generating sales in over 80 countries. Alucoil globally offers a diverse line of products, leveraging unique product and coating technologies including powder coated coil; flat sheet; larson® aluminum and natural metal composite panels; and larcore® A2, a continuous process aluminum honeycomb building panel. To learn more, visit www.alucoil.com.

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