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Drexel Metals Roof Tops Home Of METALCON VP, Saving Homeowner Energy And Money

If anyone has been presented with the opportunity to learn about the benefits of metal roofing, it’s Claire Kilcoyne. Kilcoyne is the Vice President of Trade Shows at METALCON and is getting everything ready for her 25th annual show in Tampa, Fla. on October 14-16, 2015. When she noticed her home in Westborough, MA was in need of a new roof – the asphalt shingles were looking bad and in danger of allowing water infiltration – she mentioned it in a newsletter to metal roofing manufacturers and suppliers who exhibit at her trade show. Answering the call was Brian Partyka, Executive Vice President of Business Development at Drexel Metals.

“We’re a long-time exhibitor at METALCON and Claire’s become a great friend in addition to being a great business partner,” Partyka says. “I was happy to be able to help. I knew we had a strong DM-ARM Authorized Fabricator and a bunch of certified installers in her area, so we made it happen.”

Harvey Building Products of Waltham, Mass., is an Authorized Fabricator member of the Drexel Metals Association of Regional Manufacturers. DM-ARM members are “armed” with the all of the engineering, warranties, technical know-how, customer service and superior quality to manufacture and sell to the network of trained installers. Drexel Metals metal roof panels, manufactured by DM-ARM members, are produced locally, often right on site, eliminating the need for long lead times, packaging and expensive freight charges. Partyka says it’s Metal Roofing On-Demand® ... it gives the control back to local members to deliver quality Drexel Metals Roof Systems in the markets where they live. Drexel Metals has a national network of Authorized Fabricators and Certified Installers to service the entire U.S. and islands.

“We’ve got seven trucks and seven machines from Drexel Metals,” says Glenn Bickford of Harvey Building Products. “We’ve been working with Drexel Metals for seven or eight years and it’s been a great relationship. It’s working for Harvey Building Products.”

Says Shawn Darby, Regional Manager for Drexel Metals in New England, “We provide contractors and distributors increased control over their businesses by giving them the means to fabricate and install premier quality metal roofing with quicker turnaround and greater control over quality.”

Harvey Building Products serves commercial and residential customers in all of New England. The company manufactured 2,100 square feet of Drexel’s DMC 150 SS, a 1-1/2-inch mechanical seam panel. The panels were manufactured from 24-gauge Galvalume in Medium Bronze and installed by Bill Safranski’s crew from Atlantic Roofing Co., of Hudson, Mass, a Drexel Metals Certified Installer. The panels were installed over Drexel Metals Airflow 7020, a three-dimensional underlayment that creates a 3/8-inch airspace between the metal roof panels and the plywood decking with a radiant barrier to allow for natural heat convection to take place. This ventilation system allows air to enter through Drexel Metals’ vented aluminum soffit, allowing the warm air (heat rises) to travel out the ridge vent. This airspace also acts as a great insulator in the winter months and helps to prevent ice damming.

“It’s a beautiful roof and it’s the last one my home will ever need,” says Kilcoyne. “Just as importantly, because of the metal roofing and the ventilation system, we’ve noticed that our home stays cooler in the summer and a little warmer in the winter. I know we’re saving energy and money because we don’t use the air conditioner as much as we used to.”

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