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Installation Of S-5! ColorGard Is Final Touch To School's New Metal Roof

Since its construction in the mid-1930s, Ouray School in Ouray, CO has undergone many changes. Among the most recent was the addition of a new metal roof. Installed along with it was a snow guard system from S-5!, thus ensuring the school’s students, faculty and visitors will never have to worry about a potentially dangerous chunk of ice or snow sliding off the roof when they are right below.

The original Ouray School was built in 1883 when the school district was formed. That building was destroyed by fire in 1936. Soon after, a new facility was constructed adjacent to the original site. Additions were made to the replacement school in the 1970s, the 1990s and in 2003. Then, in 2014, the building underwent a full assessment that found it to be structurally safe and worthy of further investment. As part of the latest round of upgrades, a metal roof was specified to cover the entire building, additions and all.

The new roof—a Una-Clad UC-6 double-lock standing seam system from Firestone Building Products—was installed by Douglass Colony of Commerce City, CO. The snow guard system selected was S-5! ColorGard, outfitted with Charcoal Grey inserts to match the roof color. Approximately 1,600 lineal feet of the snow retention product was installed on the 2:12-pitched roof in accordance with guidelines provided by the snow guard manufacturer.

“We kept the slope at 2:12 because we didn’t want the roof sticking up real high,” says Joel Cox, AIA, of RTA Architects in Colorado Springs, CO. “After the first winter, everything is performing the way everyone expects it to be performing.”

The roof was installed as part of a two-phase renovation that involved many other improvements to the existing structure. The redesigned facility now includes innovative 21st century learning spaces to support modern curriculum delivery and safety features to ensure the well-being of students and staff. 

“We wanted a continuous snow guard system, instead of individual plastic pieces that are screwed down through the roof,” says Cox, regarding the decision to go with S-5! “The ColorGard is attached without penetrating the roof and it performs better; that’s the main reason we installed it on the Ouray School. There is pedestrian traffic on three sides of the building, so preventing snow and ice from sliding off the roof was obviously important.

“Our S-5! architect rep brought us a drawing suggesting the best layout for this roof,” Cox explained. “We have one row about one foot up from the eave, a second row about a quarter way up the roof and another row about midway up the roof, spaced in line with S-5! suggestions.”

In addition to the new sloped roof and attic addition, the renovated school received south and southeast vestibule additions, security upgrades, new entry steps, new windows, HVAC system upgrades, a fully replaced fire alarm system to meet current codes and a full-building sprinkler system.

For more information on metal roofing systems from Firestone Building Products, click here.

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Since 1992, S-5! has been one of the world's leading authorities on metal roof attachment solutions. S-5!’s zero-penetration clamps attach ancillary items to standing seam and conceal-fix metal roofs, while maintaining roof integrity and warranties. S-5! solutions are engineered for a variety of applications: snow retention, fall protection and wind performance systems, satellite dishes, solar arrays, signs/banners, light fixtures, stack/flue bracing, walkways, air conditioning, lightning protection, equipment screens, conduit, condensate lines and more. Made in the U.S.A., S-5!’s products have revolutionized the metal roofing industry and are now installed on more than 2 million metal roofs worldwide, including 6 GW of PV, providing unsurpassed strength and longevity.  For more information, visit

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