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Playland Ice Casino

Garland Metal Roof Comes To The Rescue Of Historic Amusement Facility After Superstorm Sandy

Superstorm Sandy barreled up the East Coast in 2012, causing record amounts of damage and destruction while becoming the largest Atlantic hurricane on record. Its powerful winds and torrential rains damaged countless businesses and homes along the Eastern U.S., including Playland Amusement Park and its iconic Ice Casino. Metal roofing from The Garland Co. Inc. played a key role in the restoration of the historic Rye, New York facility.

As the only Art Deco amusement park in the United States and a National Historic Landmark, it was critical that the storm-damaged roof that comprised a major part of the Ice Casino’s building envelope be restored to its original historical character-defining significance. Throughout its 85-year history, various roofing systems had been installed on the eight-sided, multi-angled and parabolic Ice Casino roof, none of which were original to the building. Damage to the Ice Casino included among other things asphalt shingle tear off and water damage that led to deterioration of the original tongue-and-groove decking. There was also damage to the original structural Lamella wood arch members, requiring helix pins to repair in place.

Although various roofing materials were explored as options for replacement of the Ice Casino roof, structural standing seam metal was deemed the best solution due to its proven performance, energy efficiency, low life-cycle costs and little to no maintenance. It can provide 30 years of service or more and can withstand harsh marine environments, including hurricane strength winds. The Ice Casino’s eight-sided roof features Garland’s 18-inch wide, .040 aluminum R-Mer® Span structural standing seam panels.

Before the metal panels were installed, they were coated with a heavy-duty coastal paint designed to protect them from the harsh marine environment. Due to the physical constraints of the property limiting the use of large equipment for panel installation, Garland’s engineering team developed a custom panel over-lap design, keeping each section of panels shorter and more manageable. The panels were roll formed and curved on-site.

The goal of the roofing project was to restore the damaged roof to its original Art Deco character-defining identity while achieving long-term performance and increasing energy efficiency unique to ice rinks.

Scott Miller, president and owner of Milcon Construction Corp., West Babylon, NY, whose team of skilled laborers played a large part in the renovation of the Ice Casino, took a particular interest in the historical aspect of the building. Rather than take a passive role, Miller became fully invested in the successful outcome of the project – taking time to research the history of the Ice Casino and discovering a postcard that quite possibly changed the outcome of the entire project. This discovery, when combined with the due diligence of Anthony Ferrantello, Associate Architect for the Westchester County Department of Public Works and Transportation, resulted in the successful and historically accurate roof replacement for the Ice Casino.

While doing some research at the Westchester County Historical Society, Miller came across an illustrated postcard titled “Board Walk and Beach, Playland, Rye Beach, NY” that depicted the Ice Casino with a green roof. Measuring only 3 1/2 inches by 5 1/2 inches, that postcard became a pivotal part of the project. Miller shared his discovery with Ferrantello and the design team, who were able to use the image, along with the historical information they had already collected, to draw additional conclusions about the Ice Casino’s original roof. Miller’s find corroborated Ferrantello’s find of a historic postcard entitled, “Swimming Pool, Playland, Rye, NY” depicting the Ice Casino roof color as green. And as a result, natural patina-colored metal panels were chosen for the final design.

Photography by Christian Scully / Design Imaging Studios

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