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Whole Foods Market - Midtown Tampa

Perforated Metal Panels Chosen For Florida Retail Facility

Celebrated as “the future of urban living”, Midtown Tampa is the hottest new social hub in Tampa Bay. Midtown Tampa features a contemporary and energetic vibe, bringing the best of living, working, shopping, dining, entertainment, health and hospitality together in this new area.

Midtown Tampa includes a new 48,000-square-foot Whole Foods Market, the ground-floor home to Novel Midtown apartments. The Whole Foods Market project includes 7,000 square feet of CENTRIA’s EcoScreen perforated 0.040-inch painted aluminum panels in Sherwin-Williams’ 6748 Green. The project was completed in July 2021.

“The goal of the project is to anchor the western half of the whole project as a walkable, mixed-use environment,” said Alex Call, AIA, Senior Designer at WDG Architecture of Dallas. “Contemporary exterior materials highlight an exterior palette focused on a clean, coastal aesthetic with accents of modern elements throughout, celebrating Tampa’s local vernacular.”

The store features everything from traditional grocery shopping to a full-service butcher and coffee bar. More than 800 local products from Florida can be found through the store from more than 160 vendors. The Whole Foods Market is just a part of the growing development at Midtown Tampa.

For installing company M.G. McGrath of Becker, Minn., it was a straightforward project. The EcoScreen perforated screen walls are created through the use of a unique fabrication process, with 20-gauge steel or 0.040-inch aluminum. They combine an airy aesthetic with performance, blending industrial and other applications with their surroundings.

“This was an easy install on this project,” said Jono Semlak, Director of Project Management at M.G. McGrath. “There was one little eyebrow that we had to deal with so we used the correct PPE and a boom lift to access that small area. Otherwise, it was an open wall with easy access.

“It was very simple to see the attachment points, seeing that the panels were perforated. There really was nothing tricky about the install on this one. Everyone is happy with the completed project. The owner, the architect and general contractor were all very satisfied with the finished building.”

For more information on coatings from Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings, click here.


CENTRIA, a Nucor company, supplies a variety of architetural metal wall and roof systems. For more information, visit CENTRIA.com.

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