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PPG Duranar™ Coatings On Innovative, Award-Winning Buildings To Be Featured At A’19
The Emma and Georgina Bloomberg Center on Roosevelt Island in New York City incorporates a perforated rainscreen painted with color-shifting PPG Duranar VARI-Cool™ coatings. Photography by Matt, on Roosevelt Island, also in New York City, incorporates a perforated rainscreen painted with color-shifting PPG Duranar VARI-Cool™ coatings. PPG also will exhibit high-performance PPG Coraflon® powder coatings and provide information about the technical, color and consulting services available
Novotel Hotel
for commercial, residential, and hospitality needs. The end result was a magnificent, color-shifting modular, facade is further enhanced with the installment of Alucobond® Plus Spectra Cupral, a warm, color-shifting aluminum composite material. Installed by Booth Muirie, the ACM’s visually-striking appearance can, ®Fluor and Beckry®Flon, which were used to give the Novotel Hotel its unique hue-changing color, . With Beckry®Fluor and Beckry®Flon, buildings enjoy longevity, durability, color and gloss retention
MS Crinkle Finish Introduced By Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation
responsively designed to create a shifting and shimmering effect that mirrors the eye’s natural horizontal motion with the texture. Metal Sales offers a range of color options to fit any project including, and burnished slate. The coating also features strong color retention that meets current solar reflective, for enhanced visual depth, resulting in a series of shifting and shimmering tones. MS Crinkle Finish
New Flyer Highlights Innovative Duranar Specialty Coatings By PPG
Color-Shifting, Textured And Pearlescent Coatings Among Offerings Pittsburgh, PA - PPG Industries (NYSE:PPG) has published a flyer highlighting five Duranar® coatings with specialty finishes or environmentally advanced formulations. Titled Duranar Coating Innovations, the colorful one-page document provides a quick overview of Duranar Vari-Cool® coatings, which combine polychromatic pigments, an aesthetic and energy-saving dimension to metal roofs and wall panels by shifting color when ambient
Color-Changing Coatings For Metal Wall Panels
Color-Changing Coatings For Metal Wall Panels, several projects that feature color-changing / color-shifting coatings that were selected, -color base. Depending on the amount of light, the color of the vehicle changes. I'd imagine, is standing, the position of the sun, and the amount of cloud cover. Color-changing technology has, , residential towers and other facilities with innovative designs. Is this color-changing coating, of building designers. The color changes I've seen are very pleasing to the eye, have the ability to blend
Metal Roof And Wall Panel Colors Offer Endless Design Choices
thinking. More recently, color-shifting finishes add to the range of possibilities. Undoubtedly, Elementary School. Color-matched rooftop snow retention from S-5! attached to metal roofing by Petersen. Color schemes are key identifiers for sports teams at all levels—starting in the pee-wee league, the orange of Home Depot stores to John Deere’s green, a particular color or color-combination can, and named for the company that it represents. Color is also a time-tested method of adding personality, Color is a time-tested method of adding personality to buildings, albeit sometimes more effectively than others. Its use can offer a way for buildings to blend with the environment, with surrounding structures, or to create a stronger—sometimes even bold—statement to make the building stand out
Valspar Planning Educational And Inspirational Activities At AIA
and color-shifting pigments. Keeping architects informed of new products, trends and best practices, Valspar also will present an in-booth, walk-up Expo Chat on color (0.25 LUs) and two continuing, and mitigate the urban heat island effect. The Relationship Between Color and Pigments in Architectural, 16, 10:30-11:30 a.m. This program demonstrates the importance of color in the built environment, architectural coatings to meet color and performance goals. Also at AIA, Valspar will be distributing
Valspar Introduces WeatherXL™ Crinkle Finish
-panels’ appearance. WeatherXL Crinkle Finish has been responsively designed to create a shifting, , WeatherXL Crinkle Finish boasts an array of color options to fit any project. The coating also features strong color retention that meets current solar reflective (SR) standards for Energy Star
OMNI Outpatient Surgery Center
coating system changes color with varying angles of light, effectively shifting from one color, provides a unique building identity, color was used to truly differentiate the building. The exterior, panels, insulate the metal further by maintaining nearly exceptional color fastness and weather, products used on this project included: • Formawall® Dimension Series® 3”-T - Color: Dove Gray; Square Footage: 5,056; Finish: Smooth; Coating: Fluorofinish. • Formawall Dimension Series 3”-T - Color
Appaloosa Branch Library
The Appaloosa Branch Library, Scottsdale, Ariz., is the first building constructed with color-shifting Duranar VARI-Cool coatings by PPG Industries (NYSE:PPG). Duranar VARI-Cool coatings contain pearlescent pigments that reflect the sun’s energy using ULTRA-Cool infrared-reflective coatings technology by PPG. In addition to helping buildings to stay cooler, the coatings change color according to viewing angle and how light refracts across their surface. On the Appaloosa Branch Library
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