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Triangle Fastener Screw Gains FM Approval For Use With Exterior Wall Systems


Pittsburgh, PA – Triangle Fastener Corporation (TFC) has announced FM Approval for their ¼-14 DP3 CONCEALOR Pancake Head Screw for wall fastening, per FM Approval Standard 4881 – Class 1 Exterior Wall Systems.

TFC developed the ¼-4 DP3 CONCEALOR Pancake Head screw specifically to attach insulated metal panels (IMPs). Features and benefits include:

An unthreaded section to eliminate the potential for jacking of the insulated panel during face fastening.

A #3 square recess drive that provides stability during installation.

A large-diameter pancake head that increases pullover strength compared to smaller-diameter heads.

A TRI-SEAL coating for superior corrosion protection.

More information about the screws can be found on the TFC website at www.trianglefastener.com.

About Triangle Fastener Corporation


Triangle Fastener Corporation provides a full line of standard and specialty fasteners, sealants, flashings, and tools for metal building, metal roofing, low slope roofing, steel decking, steel framing, and miscellaneous cladding materials.  TFC has 24 locations. It provides technical assistance and offers an inventory management program. For more information, contact TFC at 800-486-1832 or visit www.trianglefastener.com.

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