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New CONCEALOR® Fastener From TFC Utilizes BURR BUSTER® Thread Technology

tfc-concealor-burr-busterPittsburgh, PA – Triangle Fastener Corporation (TFC) has expanded its lineup of construction fasteners to include a #10 CONCEALOR® with the patent pending BURR BUSTER® technology, specifically developed for use with oriented strand board. This new fastener has the latest thread technology, ensuring superior performance.

Features and benefits of the new fastener include:

• Provides up to 80% more pullout load on OSB compared to other screws
• The single lead, low-angle thread helps reduce problems associated over-driving the fastener
• Single-lead thread provide better control during installation, making it more difficult to overdrive the screw
• More resistance to loosening due to more consistent tightening

About Triangle Fastener Corporation


Triangle Fastener Corporation is a leading provider of standard and specialty fasteners, sealants, and tools for metal construction industries. They have 23 locations and can provide job-site assistance, fastener recommendations, and product development. For more information visit the TFC website at For product samples call 800-486-1832.

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