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First settled in 1886, Nelson Family Farms is a sixth-generation farm near Fort Dodge, Iowa. The original farmstead remains the home of the Nelson family. The family farming operation needed an additional storage facility for its growing fleet of farm equipment, to be built on nearby property. The Nelsons reached out to Dan Larson, owner of Dan Larson Construction in Vincent, Iowa, to put up their new shed, using metal roofing and wall panels from American Building Components (ABC). Larson had previously built another shed for the Nelsons.

The Nelsons wanted a 60-foot by 144-foot post-frame building with 18-foot sidewalls. The catch is they wanted the color scheme to match another building on the property that had white walls and a charcoal roof.

“The buildings are about 150, 200 yards apart and the colors match up,” Larson said. “It looks just like the other building. With the wide range of color options to choose from, it was no problem.”

“With the ABC online ordering website, I can go online and order up everything the builder needs for a particular project,” said Dave Sorenson of Beisser Lumber. “I can get a print-out that shows what everything costs and it allows the builder to go through and double-check to see if everything he needs is covered in the order. It’s my go-to source for quoting and ordering steel.”

ABC Imperial Rib 29-gauge wall and roof panels, purchased through Beisser Lumber, were coated in Siliconized Polyester White and Charcoal. The building is wired for electricity and has interior lighting, but Larson also installed windows along the top third of the building to provide plenty of natural light inside the building. At one end of the building is a 16-foot by 30-foot roll door and wainscoting.

Imperial Rib is a 36-inch-wide through-fastened panel with a ¾-inch rib. It’s designed to protect post-frame roofs and walls against the harshest of weather.

Before the project was completed, the owner had a few changes to his order. “ABC’s website allowed us to make the change quickly and keep everybody on the same page,” Sorenson said. “It’s an excellent communication tool.”

The project was completed in December 2020.

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