Arena Castelão

Palram Americas

Palram Americas, a leading manufacturer of polycarbonate and PVC product lines, announces the use of SUNTUF® PRO on the Plácido Castelo stadium, popularly known as the Arena Castelão, in Fortaleza, Brazil. Owned by the Brazilian government and inaugurated in 1973, the stadium was revamped for soccer’s 2014 World Cup.

Part of Arena Castelão’s renovation included over 75,000 square feet of transparent SUNTUF® corrugated 2mm thick polycarbonate sheets to allow natural daylight on the pitch. The sheets were produced to length and installed as a leading edge covering, providing a cost-effective watertight solution.

Arena Castelão played host to six World Cup matches, including one of the quarter-finals. It was the first Brazilian stadium to obtain LEED® certification.

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