Aerodrome Beauvechain Helicopter Hangars

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When Belgian Airforce military personnel at Aerodrome Beauvechain needed reliable mesh doors for their new helicopter hangars, they went with the quality bifold straplift door offered by Schweiss Doors / Europe in the UK.

 “It was a great honor to have been chosen to supply these doors to the Belgian military; they are the first Schweiss Europe has installed in Belgium despite installing hundreds of doors throughout the EU,” said David Naylor, of Schweiss Doors Europe.

Naylor said two bifold doors were sold to the hangar manufacturer via his French agent. Lumet Ltd. constructed the hangars and Schweiss Doors Europe did the door installation. The hangars required the door motors and limit boxes to be weatherproofed due to the fact they were largely clad in mesh for ventilation. The doors were all 64.3 ft. wide x 23.8 ft. high and upgraded to 47 mph wind speed and 4,188 lb. cladding load. In addition, the straplift bifold doors were fitted with autolatches, strap tension sensors, top overrides, photo eye sensors, bottom safety edges and internal and external beacon/sounders.

The doors were delivered a distance of 420 miles to the airforce base by ferry and truck.

“Our French agent visited the Belgian military several times to advise them. They have many old doors on the base and we hope that they will choose our doors when they need replacing,” added Naylor.

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