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In Mexico, you don't need a sign to figure out which of the corporate hangars at the Ciudad Obregón International Airport belongs to Mirage Appliances Company. Simply put, it is the modern-looking one with the shiny metal skin and the hangar door to match. The appearance of the door and its size speak to the design versatility associated with the bifold and hydraulic doors offered by its U.S.-based manufacturer, Schweiss Doors of Fairfax, MN.

The hangar houses the Hawker Beech Craft Premier A1 plane of the company's owner, Don Pedro Dabdoub. The plane enters and exits the hangar through the 72'-2" x 22'-11" Schweiss Bifold Autolatch Liftstrap door. Both the hangar and the door are skinned with aluminum composite material wall panels.

The hangar was designed by an architect but the pick of a hangar door supplier was the client's. It chose Schweiss.

“I searched over the Internet for Bi-Fold doors,” said Mirage Corporate translator Yolanda Felix. “Schweiss came out on my search right away. After some research, making phone calls and explaining what we needed, some of the other suppliers recommended Schweiss as well.”

Once the door arrived, it was installed by a local contractor who had no trouble following the provided instructions.

“It has been wonderful to have this door. It has made Mr. Dabdoub's and the aircraft captains' lives easier. The door is very much in use and although the plane sometimes is not here; the door gets opened and closed every day,” noted Felix.

Felix said an architect on the project came up with the design, but Jeremy Rieke at Schweiss Doors helped clarify details for the corporation. “Without Jeremy’s help we wouldn’t have been able to have this done. He helped us understand."

To see more on this project on the Schweiss Doors website, click here.

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