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With its distinctive architectural design, convenient access to all major roadways, high-end residential neighborhoods, upscale shopping and proximity to the finest restaurants in the city, 301 North Elm Street is recognized as one of the most prestigious office buildings in the Greensboro area. But for its positives, the 168,500 sq. ft., 10-story office tower, originally constructed in 1980, was showing its age. Thanks to a new metal skin from Laminators Inc., that’s no longer the case.

Since 2001, the building’s ownership has invested millions in renovating the interior, including the main lobby, bathrooms and elevator cabs, as well as adding a “carrier class” data center which provides Internet security to thousands of locations in numerous states. Expanding on the renovations, 301 North Elm Street was in dire need of a professional exterior makeover of similar quality. The look of the single pane spandrel glass panels had gradually deteriorated through the years due to the solar reflective film bubbling and peeling, leaving the appearance of the building extremely uninviting.

Drew Fletemeyer from Drew Fletemeyer Company of Larkspur, Colorado, reached out to Laminators Inc. with his questions and concerns about the building exterior. According to Fletemeyer, is customer “needed a product that would update the look of the building and add other modern features that would go up more inexpensively than other costly quotes” he was getting. After numerous visits to examine the building, months of research & design, and various meetings with Fletemeyer, Laminators’ team of engineers suggested leaving the old window system in place and applying their architectural panels over the top of the glass mullion system. Fletemeyer states, “Laminators offered a good price and a cost savings to the building owner that would pay for itself through cost savings in energy reductions.”

Establishing that a modified version of their One-Piece, Tight-Fit installation system with addendum for mullions would be the most suitable and economical approach for the magnitude of the project, the contractor moved forward with the installation of 60,000 square feet of Laminators Inc. Omega-Lite panels in Bright Silver. “They shipped the product as needed, saving me $6,000 in financing costs over the life of the installation period. The panels arrived on time, went up as we learned in their (Laminators) training session, and look great on the building” says Fletemeyer.

This specific installation method also saved on the cost of removal and landfill disposal, repurposed the glass into an effective insulator and simultaneously eliminated the need to close the building during the renovations. The panel system adds a layer of R-2.63 aluminum composite panels over the glass. The WUFI analysis of the new system (in regards to Transient Heat and Moisture Transport) shows substantial energy savings without creating landfill waste. Covering over 60% of the building, with the remainder staying double pane vision glass, the re-skin of the failing glass is a classic example of reducing waste, reusing the glass that needed replacement and giving the building a new, defined appearance.

Studies show a potential cooling cost savings in a range of 16-18% as related to the reduction of solar radiant heat load through the glazing and increased insulative value of the wall system. The new Omega-Lite panels also give the building an upgraded and contemporary business-like look.

Drew Fletemeyer Company has historically worked locally but the contractor’s association with Laminators Inc. has created new opportunities. “With Laminators’ help I have branched out to working nationally with their products. I have jobs with their product in three locations and am looking at another possible six,” notes Fletemeyer.”

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