Almac Group - North American Headquarters

RHEINZINK America Inc.

Inspired by the company’s Irish roots, the design of the new North American headquarters building of Almac Group borrows elements from both North American and European office cultures. It borrows architectural elements as well, especially its zinc cladding. Approximately 35,000 sq. ft. of RHEINZINK prePATINA blue-grey Sinusoidal Corrugated Panels and 18,000 sq. ft. of RHEINZINK prePATINA blue-grey Horizontal Reveal Panels were utilized on the project, which is located in Souderton, PA.

The Almac Group, headquartered in Northern Ireland, provides an extensive range of research and drug development services to a global market. The 75,000 sq. ft. headquarters building and a 165,000 sq. ft. clinical packaging and warehouse facility mark the first phase of expansion to consolidate Almac’s North American businesses.

Francis Cauffman of Philadelphia provided design services for the project. The design team created an open building that lets in natural light and provides large, expansive views to all employees. “We wanted the building to resemble Almac’s properties in Ireland,” according to Richard Beck, design principal. “It was also important to give employees a strong visual connection and continuous access to the outdoors.”

The palette of materials used on Almac’s properties in Europe generally includes zinc, masonry and light grey mullions.

The RHEINZINK fabricator/distributor on the project was MetalTech—USA, Peachtree City, GA. The RHEINZINK panels were installed by BAMCO Inc., Middlesex, NJ.

RHEINZINK America, Inc. led the introduction of zinc as an important architectural material in North America and continues its leadership through product innovation and comprehensive technical support to architects and contractors. Environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable, RHEINZINK presents a distinctive appearance with outstanding longevity.

About RHEINZINK America Inc.

RHEINZINK America, Inc. is a North American provider of architectural zinc used in the fabrication of roofing, facades, rainware and architectural details. For more information visit  www.rheinzink.us.

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