E-Life Station

Metallic Building Systems

E-Life Station is a multi-use facility that includes retail and office space with an isolated technology center located in Charleston, South Carolina. The half-million dollar project began in October 2006 and was completed May 2007 and totals nearly 5,000 square feet.

A pre-engineered metal building with a standing seam roof system was used for the project because of its complexity and uniqueness. The metal systems also allowed for an exposed ceiling in the interior space. Metal accessories included using bar joist for the mezzanine, steel steps and canopies. Other special accessories included a face block, brick, hard-plank building package.

The gable symmetrical building size is 48’ wide x 98’ long with an eave height of 16’4” and 4:12 roof slope.

Signature 300 BattenLok roof panels were employed and sidewall panels were Signature 200 PBR.

The project’s team included Frampton & Associates, Inc., Ladson, South Carolina, who served as the builder, roofing contractor and erector; E-Life Spaces, Charleston, South Carolina, general contractor; Robert Polland, designer; and Metallic Building Company, Houston, Texas, the manufacturer.

About Metallic Building Systems


Metallic Building Systems, a Cornerstone Building Brands company, manufactures custom-engineered steel building systems. For more information, visit www.metallic.com.

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