Farm Credit Services Addition

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The 77,000 square foot expansion of the Farm Credit Services of America’s corporate headquarters in Omaha, NE brings together local staff and provides space for future expansion. The new two-story building is connected to the original offices via a 200-foot skywalk. Designed to match the appearance of the existing building, additional components bring a fresh new look to the exterior of the corporate campus. Materials from Quality Metalcrafts, LLC / AMERICLAD® are featured on the project.

The installer, SGH, Inc. - Omaha, NE, worked closely with the architect, The Clark Enerson Partners - Lincoln, NE, on the design details of the custom trellis and sunshade components. The trellis utilizes a unique blade design and includes a radiused feature that connects through each section.

This was a very unique project, with an intricate design that would require an experienced, top quality manufacturer. SGH, Inc. recommended Quality Metalcrafts, Inc. / AMERICLAD®, based on their past experiences with them. They knew they could rely on Quality Metalcrafts to handle the custom details and provide a top quality finished product.

Quality Metalcrafts, LLC / AMERICLAD® located in Rogers, MN, supplied the materials for the custom trellis, sunshades and columns on the exterior of the building. The custom trellis was designed so that the 1” aluminum plate main frame was installed section by section followed by factory pre-assembled trellis sections for ease of installation. Each smaller unit includes custom extruded blades, in two different styles, and an additional piece that, when placed in the main frame, align with the other units to create a radiused feature within the design. The trellis has a clear anodized finish, and is supported by columns fabricated from ½” aluminum with welded brackets. The sunshades were designed and manufactured to complement the trellis, utilizing the same unique blades and clear anodized finish.

SGH, Inc. complimented Quality Metalcrafts, LLC/AMERICLAD® on their workmanship and attention to details, and highly recommends them for any projects. From the drafting and engineering phase, to the manufacturing and shipping of the final product, they met all deadlines and supplied a top quality product.

About Americlad LLC

americlad-logoAmericlad LLC offers architectural metal panel products, including aluminum composite systems, plate panels, column covers and more. For more information, visit www.americlad.com.

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