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When renovations were completed in 2009, the Koll Airport Professional Center in Irvine, CA became one of a relative few LEED-certified office condominiums. Products from Schofield, WI-based Airolite played a substantial role in helping the 40,000 sq. ft. building attain its LEED Silver status for Core and Shell.

LPA Inc. of Irvine was responsible for transforming the former two-story office and warehouse into an energy-efficient single-story structure. After removing the second story the architect split the remaining first floor into two two separate buildings. The firm added more windows for better daylighting and created two inviting entryways that provide access to a wide variety of interior office spaces.

To unify the newly created stand-alone structures, and to maximize natural lighting, a dramatic canopy was designed to span the employee plaza between. The canopy was creating using 48 Airolite aluminum sun shades. Each shade is ten inches wide and over nine feet long. They were finished in clear anodize to reflect light into the offices while creating interesting patterns of sunlight and shade for employees and visitors who enjoy the outdoor plaza area during the day. The sunshades are especially dramatic in the evening when they emit a soft orange glow from exterior security lighting and the renowned California sunset. Four decorative exterior screens of Airolite louvers finished in Silversmith pearlescent Kynar® coating also were installed. The screens hide rooftop equipment and project nearly five feet above the first floor, adding further interest and eye appeal to the office center.

The striking Airolite sun shade canopy clearly communicates to visitors the primary entrances into all offices within the building. The sunshades help reduce energy costs by cutting the sun’s penetrating heat while still supplementing the natural light the architect and developer wanted to achieve within the building. Airolite sunshades and louvers helped contribute to the accumulation of LEED credits by improving energy efficiency, using extruded aluminum components generally consisting of 50% preconsumer material by weight, and being coated at a factory that emits zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Installing the equipment screens on top of the building was made easier by fabricating them as single-unit, pre-assembled louver panels at the factory. The owner of the building is very pleased with both the energy efficiency and increased business value they achieved on this project. “The Koll Airport Professional Center is an example of how we can creatively develop a sustainable, high performance building that, as a result of the green building features incorporated into the design, will operate at a lower cost to tenants,” said Scott Meserve, development manager for The Koll Company. “While environmentally responsible development has more up-front costs, it is simply the right thing to do for our tenants and the environment.”

Provance Roofing Services of Murrietta, CA was the sun shade installer. Specialty Building Components Inc. of Pico Rivera, CA was the Airolite representative.

About Airolite

Airolite manufactures architectural louvers, custom grilles, sunscreens and sun controls. All  products are made in the U.S.A. To learn more, visit  www.airolite.com.

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