PNC Triangle Park

Contrarian Micro Textures

Triangle Park is a calm oasis among the hustle and bustle of Downtown Pittsburgh, PA. There are handsome benches under a stainless steel canopy to provide shade and protection from rain and snow. The park, which opened in late 2009, debuted in time for the G20 Summit meeting held here that fall. President Barack Obama was among the dignitaries both national and international that attended.

The park is the result of donations by two Pittsburgh area companies, Contrarian Metal Resources in Allison Park, and ATI, Downtown. ATI donated the materials–ATI 2003® lean duplex stainless steel with Contrarian Metal Resources' InvariMatte® low-glare finish. Contrarian donated the workers' time to finish the stainless steel used for the benches, canopies and a large monolithic sign.

The park was designed by landscape architect LaQuatra Bonci Associated in conjunction with Structural Engineers, the Kachele Group and PNC. Technique fabricated and installed the project. The result is a handsome, peaceful place that serves as a base to Three PNC Plaza, Pittsburgh’s newest skyscraper, as a meeting place between the cultural district and Market Square.

About Contrarian Micro Textures

Rigidized-logoContrarian Micro Textures by Rigidized Metals, formerly Contrarian Metal Resources, is a micro-textured line of high-performance architectural metals including stainless steel and titanium. For more information, visit rigidized.com/products/sheet-coil/contrarian-micro-textures.

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