Shanghai Stock Exchange

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The Shanghai Stock Exchange building dominates the Chinese city’s landscape. Its design is a fascinating play on geometry and physics - a rectangular shape that towers over surrounding buildings, weaving patterns of triangles and quadrangles that evoke both awe and contemplation.

The building, the first of its kind in China, used a vast expanse of aluminum cladding that complements the design and enhances the structure’s futuristic appearance. To both underscore and preserve the building’s structure, the architects had to be certain that the coating they used would provide long-lasting durability and color retention. PD Manufacturing International Pte. Ltd., the contractor of the building, was familiar with the superior quality of Kynar 500® PVDF-based coatings in other installations, and recommended their use for the Stock Exchange. Technical experts from Arkema, Inc. proved to the architects that Kynar 500® PVDF-based coatings would provide the look, feel, and ultraviolet protection they required, without dulling or fading.

The unitized curtain wall and aluminum cladding panels of the buildings were coated with a metallic silver Kynar 500® PVDF-based finish. Completed in February 1997, the Shanghai Stock Exchange is expected to shine for many years-an architectural achievement to behold far into the future.

For decades, architects and contractors the world over have specified Kynar 500® PVDF coatings for their durability, color retention and long-lasting beauty.

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