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For most businesses, success spurs growth. The Maui Brewing Company is no exception. To meet the surging demand for its locally brewed craft beers, the award-winning company recently expanded into a newly constructed 42,000 square foot facility in Kihei, HI. Utilized for the building's construction were insulated metal panel systems from Kingspan Insulated Panels.

The Maui Brewing Company was founded in 2005 and has emerged as one of Hawaii's leading craft brewers. The company takes pride in its local production and uses artwork by Maui artists to add to the home-brewed vibe. This thought process carried over to the design and development of the new facility. The building is rendered as a modern take on traditional Hawaiian architecture. But while stylish, it is also energy efficient and sustainable.

Kingspan’s KingZip insulated standing seam roof system played an integral role in realizing the design intent and meeting the overarching sustainability concerns. With KingZip insulated standing seam roof panels, the installers were able to trim panels to fit the roof's geometry, which included valley gutters, crickets and roof peaks high and low. Kingzip panels were also easy to seal where required penetrations were made for HVAC units and exhausts.

In addition to making great beer, Maui Brewing Company is environmentally friendly. The company's founder, Garrett Marrero, is passionate about energy efficiency and sustainability. That's why he put solar powered lights and electric vehicle charging stations in the parking lot. To meet the sustainability and energy efficiency expectations for the building itself, Kingspan's 300GS Granitstone exterior wall panels and 300 Series interior wall panels were used. Those products have high R-values and are designed to reduce thermal bridging, thereby creating the best possible thermal envelope.

Also factoring into the decision to use Kingspan IMPs was future expansion. A one-acre patch of land was set aside with an eventual addition in mind. When the time comes to build it, the existing Kingspan panel systems, both inside and out, will be easy to remove. Those panels, which were produced with a substantial amount of recycled content, are themselves recyclable too, which is consistent with the Maui Brewing Company's penchant for putting sustainability at the forefront of its business decisions.

When asked about using Kingspan Insulated Panels in the future, Marrero was emphatic. “I’m stoked on my roof and can’t think of a better product. Our next building will certainly be KingZip as well,” he said.

Since the building is multi-purpose—incorporating a brewpub, a retail shop, offices, and production brewery—aesthetics were an important factor in the design. From inside the building Marrero much prefers the look of insulated panels to the alternative.

“Traditional standing seam roof with insulation just never looks good and carries a lower R-value than we found with KingZip," he explained. "When you look up at the ceiling, the finish is clean, white metal.”

The list of benefits from the Kingspan roof and walls installed run nearly as long as the list of cold beers Maui Brewing has on tap. Among them is speed of installation. Kingspan’s wall and roof panel systems helped move the brewery's construction to a quicker completion.

“Over 40,000 square feet was installed with gutters downspouts and etc. in 3.5 weeks, which helped us gain back lost time on the schedule," Marrero recalls. "They go down in far less time than comparable metal roofing.”

The new building is expected to double the company's current product capacity, which is timely because the Maui Brewing Company recently became the official craft beer of Hawaii Airlines. International sales are growing too, with distribution channels now in four countries.

The benefits of using KingZip roof panels, 300GS Granitstone exterior walls, and 300 Series interior walls were aplenty. Having previously used the company's cooler products, Marraro was no stranger to the benefits of KingZip roofing, 300GS Granitstone exterior walls and 300 Series interior walls. “Higher insulation R-value leading to lower cooling costs, longer life, lower maintenance and fast install," he said. Add to those the aesthetic benefits, and it's easy to see why Marraro's future building plans already include Kingspan.

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