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To meet the requirements of architects Wilson Mason and Partners for a long, sweeping, continuous roof, 139,930 sq. ft. of low maintenance Kalzip 65/400 in extra-long 655’-long panels were used on the new spice and pulses packaging and storage factory for Natco Foods in Buckingham, England.

Rollformed and curved on site to a radius of up to 20’, the Kalzip standing seam aluminum panels provided the uninterrupted finish from ridge to eaves that the designers sought.

Originally, the Kalzip system was specified with a natural, stucco-embossed aluminum finish. However, the planners decided something with a little less shine, more in keeping with the look of buildings in the established Swan Business Park, might be more appropriate. To that end, the finish was changed to a Dusty Gray color.

Marriott Construction was the primary contractor for the factory. The roof and wall panels were installed by Kelsey Roofing Industries Inc. The project was completed in September 2005.

Kalzip was also used to cover the factory’s rear elevation, bringing the total amount of Kalzip material used to just over 300,000 sq. ft. Both the general and feature flashings were fabricated for an exact match to the metal wall and roof panels. The curved section of the gable detail was cut and welded to accommodate the roof radius.

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