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Allied Steel Buildings was selected by Chronus Construction to provide a metal warehouse and showroom in Orlando, Florida for RIP-IT, a supplier sporting goods. Allied was selected by Chronus Construction to provide a 120’ x 160’ x 42’ metal warehouse and showroom for the growing company.

The clear span warehouse features a sleek single-slope roof, with a valley gutter system on the East side, and a parapet wall on all four sides. The steel building was built to withstand the hurricane force winds and damaging rain with 150 mph wind-load; the structure is clad with 24-gauge roof and wall panels.

The first RIP-IT face guard was originally developed by Mike Polstein in his garage after his daughter Lauren was hit in the face by a low pitch that dropped off the top of her bat. He went into the garage with an idea to design and construct a face guard that she could wear during games. He knew it had to protect his daughter's face, have the best possible field of vision, be lightweight and comfortable, and it had to fit any brand of helmet she decided to wear. Polstein accomplished his goal, and the end product was a sleek face guard design that offered a drastically increased field of vision.

It wasn't long before the other parents started asking Polstein to make one for their daughters. He went to work in his garage and produced a few more for his daughter’s teammates. With Polstein’s vision and the efforts of his two sons Jason and Matthew, over a decade later RIP-IT is thriving and has added new sporting goods to their catalog included bats, helmets, bags and more.

From the beginning, RIP-IT was founded on the idea of creating high-performance, baseball and softball equipment, as well as providing exceptional customer service. While RIP-IT has grown many times larger since its birth in the Polstein's garage, it continues to stick to the core values it created back then.

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