Boys & Girls Club Of Central Massachusetts

Floline Architectural Systems LLC

Two pre-assembled curved canopies were supplied by Floline Architectural Systems LLC for use on the Boys & Girls Club Of Central Massachusetts in Leominster.

Floline supplied Marquee Imperial Canopies, one measuring 8’ wide x 5’ projection and the other 6’ wide x 5’ projection. Each canopy system consisted of shop-welded aluminum plate framing that was post-painted with a 70% Kynar finish in Award Blue color. The canopies are clad with crimp-curved Floline 900 panels, formed from .050 aluminum, that were post-painted on both sides with a 70% Kynar finish, also in Award Blue. Stainless steel hanging rods were also part of the assembly.

The canopies were shipped pre-assembled for fast installation, with a Massachusetts P.E. stamp. The paint met AAMA 2605 specification for post-painted canopy frame and panels, and offered a 10-year warranty.

The designer was Udelsman Associates of Hollis, NH. The general contractor and installing contractor was Goguen Construction of Brookline, NH. The project was completed in January 2012.

Photo by David Adamson

About Floline Architectural Systems

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