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Benchmark Buildings and Irrigation, an Architectural Metal System (AMS) Authorized Roofer, reroofed the Hawks Nest, a recreational center at Chowan University, with a new metal Standing Seam 360 barrel roof. The small private school in Murfreesboro, N.C., had a badly deteriorating roof; disposal of the roof was too costly and replacing the building was not an option.

“With AMS our company has access to some of the most advanced products, people and solutions in the building industry,” said Hunter Brown, subcontractor for Benchmark Building and Irrigation. “We were able to erect the 10,000 square foot retrofit roof cost-effectively and efficiently to meet the needs of the university.”

Matching the school colors, the royal blue panels were easily installed giving the multipurpose facility a more functional and attractive roofing system. Refining the structural details of placement and bracing were critical for completion of the project. By taking the dome out of the building and adding a 4:12 gable roof, Benchmark removed any damming issues at the panel laps to allow sufficient run off. They were able to retrofit the roof with Standing Seam 360 panels because the existing roof had “R” type panels.

“The new roof brings a vibrant display of our school colors to a long-standing campus establishment. The Hawks Nest, where our students have gathered for recreation for decades, and now for decades to come, was in need of a facelift to restore it to its previous glory,” said Dr. M. Christopher White, president of Chowan University.

The Standing Seam 360 panels float on a system of sliding clips that prevent damage from thermal expansion and contraction. Standing seam designs also eliminate 80 percent of the through fasteners found in other systems for greater weathertightness, making the building more energy efficient.

The roofing panels used were coated with AMS’s CoolScape® paint which is designed to reflect solar rays more effectively and reduce the amount of heat that is absorbed into the respective building. Even though a dark blue color was chosen for the panels the “cool” metal roof is coated with PVDF (polyvinylidene flouride) and can reduce energy consumption by up to 40 percent as part of a total system design.

“In just a month and a half, the completed roof met and exceeded the universities expectations, said Jim Plecker, AMS Area Manager. “The university received a durable and energy efficient roofing system, allowing the facility to be used again as a student activities center.”

“Now, Chowan can proudly promote this building in marketing materials, admissions pieces and alumni magazines, as well as during our televised football games which will show the brilliant, new blue roof in the background,” commented White.

Architectural Metal Systems is a business unit of American Buildings Company, manufacturing metal standing seam roof systems for new and retrofit construction markets throughout North America and traditional metal roof panel and wall panel systems for remodeling applications. For more information about Architectural Metal Systems, visit www.ametalsystems.com.

Description of photos: the completed project is shown in the top two photos; the third photo shows the building before retrofitting; and the bottom two photos were taken during the reroof framing process.

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