Nigg Police Station

Kalzip Inc.

More than 5,000 sq. ft. of Kalzip 65/305 standing seam metal roofing and a range of Kalzip fabrications were specified for the new Nigg Police Station near Aberdeen in Scotland.

Specified for its crisp, contemporary appearance, Kalzip’s stucco-embossed aluminum panels provide a pleasing contrast to the Western Red Cedar and Scottish Harral granite chips used on the stairwells and rear façade of the building. The roofing was installed by approved Teamkal contractor Fowler McKenzie Ltd.

The impressive Kalzip roof curves through a 57.4’ radius and nestles alongside a second sloping roof which sweeps above the station’s entrance.

The roofs are complemented by a range of Kalzip fabrications, including stucco-embossed aluminum bullnoses at both eave. Kalzip supplied the soffits, tapered pre-fabricated flashings, curved gables and complex corners. These products and features were specified to match the roof both in appearance and performance.

Derek McWilliam of Aberdeen City Council specified the system. “We had every confidence in the Kalzip system because of its reputation,” he said. “The company’s superb literature, website and technical support were added factors influencing the decision to specify the product.”

Kalzip standing seam panels can be formed into a variety of shapes such as curved, tapered, twisted and cork-screwed. It is available in a range of widths and lengths in excess of 500’. The panels are typically formed from aluminum, but are also available in zinc, stainless steel, copper and painted finishes.

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