Chillicothe Baptist Church

Star Building Systems

Measuring 42,800 square feet, the Chillicothe Baptist Church required several large clear spans, which were achieved more economically by utilizing Star Building Systems pre-engineered structures.

Completed in October 2007, this Chillicothe, OH, church was created with a traditional exterior using nine Star Building Systems structures. Star also provided their StarShield roof system in Rustic Red. The roof system is a total of 34,532 square feet, and more than 176, 000 square feet of Regal White StarMark wall panels were used.

Several of the nine Star structures required clear spans that were achieved more economically by utilizing Star pre-engineered structures. The nine Star Buildings in this project utilized SHI, SSB and SWE structural systems. The various eave heights and roof pitches created the special treatments to accent the Star structures. This is just phase one of the project, consisting of a multi-purpose center for worship and activities. Phase two will include their permanent sanctuary.

The Star Authorized Builder is Maverick Builders in Grove City, OH. General Contractor was Master Church Builders; Architect was CDI Design Group, Inc. and Steel Erector was Star Erectors, Inc., all located in Grove City, OH.

About Star Building Systems

Star_Building_Systems_logoStar Building Systems is a manufacturer of custom-designed metal building systems. For more information, visit www.starbuildings.com.

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