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The Internet is an amazing marketing and informational tool. That's where Dr. Frank Bacque, a urologist in Lafayette, LA, went when he needed a different style door for his new garage. Knowing the roll-up doors he had on his other garages wouldn’t work because they would take up too much inside ceiling room for him to install an American-made “Backyard Buddy” car lift inside, he went browsing for alternatives and eventually discovered Schweiss Doors.

“We searched the U.S. Internet and with the Schweiss Doors information, we made a decision,” Bacque says. “Schweiss Door Company is the most professional organization I have dealt with in all my years and I would absolutely recommend his door solutions to anyone with no reservations.”

That quote came in an unsolicited email to Schweiss Doors after Bacque read about the company in the New Holland Winter issue of Acres, which did a feature story on Schweiss Doors. He said he wrote to New Holland because he understands what effort went into the design and concept of the door, so that homeowners get to the point where he was at, that it would be good advice for them.

“I felt compelled to write the New Holland people because I’m not kidding,” Bacque says. “Schweiss did such a great job of supplying us with a door, I couldn’t be happier. Not only was it the only way to solve the problem, it was the best way. If you have a roll-up door of any type, it encroaches on the space inside the garage. Other doctors who are friends of mine, who have airplanes, told me about Schweiss hangar doors at airports. I went out and looked at them. They were all so professional and accommodating and designed the door absolutely professionally. Not only that, they sent the door down here on an 18-wheeler truck and helped us unload it. It was complete, perfect service.”

Bacque’s garage has a 17'-1" x 7'-1" Schweiss hydraulic door, equipped with remote openers and electric photo eye sensors. He likes how the door opens outward and provides a shaded canopy when open. Bacque is active in a car club and had six car bays and added six more.

“I really didn’t know enough about it from an engineering standpoint,” he says. “I had the architect talk to the Schweiss engineering people who explained that this was the way to do it. It couldn’t have been any better. What we did was take a hydraulic pump system and put it in the attic. It doesn’t cause any space limitation. My home is a garage, I like to fiddle with cars. The high point of the garage is the door. My whole car club, 75 people with their wives, came here for dinner inside the garage. My point was to have everyone see my door.”

Matching wood cladding adds to the designer look of the door, and four large glass panels allow natural light to enter the garage. Bacque’s contractor also installed the hydraulic door.

“At first, I was a little nervous about installing the door,” Bacque says. “The instructions were so well put out and straightforward that we attempted to do it with the construction guys. They didn’t have a problem.”

It wasn’t only the hydraulic door that Bacque was impressed with, it was the service he got from Schweiss Doors that he was very complimentary about.

“All companies should have service after the sale and service before the sale like Schweiss Doors does,” Bacque says. “Knowing with personal experience, I’m one happy customer. I even got an email from Mike (Schweiss, owner) and showed it to my architect. It made him feel good, too, and he appreciated the way he was able to communicate with the staff at Schweiss Doors.”

About Schweiss Doors

Schweiss-logoSchweiss Doors is the premier manufacturer of hydraulic and bifold liftstrap doors. Doors are custom made to any size for any type of new or existing building for architects and builders determined to do amazing things with their buildings, including the doors. Schweiss also offers a cable to liftstrap conversion package. To learn more, visit www.bifold.com or www.schweisshydraulicdoors.com.

And to learn about Schweiss' new Build Your Own Door Kit, which gives customers the plans and essential components to build their own Schweiss Doors, visit  www.bifold.com/build-your-own-door.php.

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