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Solid construction and aesthetic style led the developers of SilverWing at Sandpoint airpark to select hangar doors from Schweiss Doors.

Building plans offer five residential-style hangars and two commercial-style hangars, with options for custom designs. Models range anywhere from 2,100 to 4,300 square feet and all come with doors from Schweiss.

“My partner did a lot of research and really, the reason why we chose Schweiss was we liked the way Schweiss doors were made and the look was really beautiful,” says Michael Mileski, SilverWing developer. “They were night and day compared to other doors we saw. The doors have lived up to their reputation. We used them a lot for plane rental storage over the years and haven’t had any problems with them at all. The pilots like them because they can get in and out quickly. We get nothing but compliments on the Schweiss doors.”

Mileski said installation of the Schweiss doors was easier than expected. Everyone is pleased with how quickly the liftstraps raise the doors and how weathertight these attractive bifold hangar doors are.

The northern Idaho fly-in airpark community, set between Schweitzer Ski Mountains and Lake Pend Oreille, offers a rare opportunity in aviation real estate. It serves as an exclusive prototype home for aviators and their families. The development is comprised of 44 spacious lots and 10,000 square feet of community common area with a recreation center, complete with pool, spa, exercise room and barbecue area.

SilverWing at Sandpoint was designed specifically for pilots and aviators with direct access to the Sandpoint Airport. Owners have the option to build a hangar or a residential hangar, but there are two commercial lots available. Sandpoint Airport is jet-capable, with a 75 x 5,500-foot runway and instrument approaches. Aircraft mechanics are available at the airport.

“We have a 55 x 56 (3,080 square feet) furnished model prototype twin hangar home built with an adjacent sell – more than 3,000 square feet for the hangar and 3,000 square feet for the residence,” Mileski says. “We have potential buyers that can stay overnight. This model is very popular. The way we built it, you wouldn’t know it’s a hangar. It’s the biggest structure on the airport and very eye-catching. Everyone wants to see the model unit.”

Schweiss Doors custom-built the upscale bifold liftstrap designer doors so the buildings don’t look like hangars, even though they are the bigger structures in the airpark. Doors were specifically designed with ornate windows to provide a more residential appearance instead of an airplane hangar.

The widest and tallest hangars available vary according to the airpark footprint. Some lots are close to a half-acre in size. Of the seven types of models, the biggest one allowable is for a 70 x 75-foot hangar door. Each fly-in unit will contain a hangar on the ground floor, with residential space above or adjacent to the hangar.

“The reason we chose Sandpoint, after doing a lot of research, was its location on the public airport,” Mileski says. “There are remote back country airstrips and incredible untouched surrounding wilderness. There’s a great ski resort. The city of Sandpoint has everything you want and Lake Pend Oreille is there and property taxes are only 1 percent.

“We’re looking forward to proceeding as planned. We have one mission in mind, to build the best and most unique fly-in community with the highest commitment to detail ever put forth toward an aviation development. This place is simply too precious to create anything less.”

Schweiss Doors are a part of that plan.

To see more on this project on the Schweiss Doors website, click here.

Photo credits for photos at the left, top to bottom: Josh Ivey; Jessica Ambats; Jessica Ambats, SilverWing at Sandpoint; Jessica Ambats

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