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A Space Sculpting metal fabric system from Cambridge Architectural, Cambridge, MD, lends contemporary flare to the interior of the newly constructed Las Vegas, NV, location of ‘Wichcraft, a trendy sandwich, salad and pastry shop.

The woven stainless steel fabric system was installed as a moveable screen to define space in the eatery, located on MGM Grand’s Studio Walk. The shop’s bold and dramatic color scheme, contemporary seating areas and distinctive stainless steel metal fabric treatment contribute to the exceptional décor and dining experience.

In addition to its role as an aesthetic element, the Cambridge metal fabric system also provides security when the shop is closed. Set on a moveable track system, the screen can be pulled up or down by hand. The tensile-structure-framed metal fabric screen sculpts the space between the interior and exterior of the store and during off hours, is locked to secure the area from the rest of the casino.

Metal fabric in Cambridge’s Balance pattern, along with custom engineered Reelease tension attachment hardware, creates the Space Sculpting metal fabric system. The primary function of Space Sculpting systems is to dramatically define a large space, while additionally providing visibility, light and air flow.

“Architectural metal fabric remains an innovative and beautiful material for defining space, providing security or simply adding a fresh element of sophistication to a project,” says David Merriman, manager, marketing and business development for Cambridge Architectural. “The flexible, durable structure of woven metal fabric, coupled with its striking appearance, offers architects the ability to experiment in many unique ways.”

Established in New York City, ‘Wichcraft has expanded to include sister restaurants Craft, Craftbar and Craftsteak, eclectic variations of the original establishment. Collectively, the restaurants maintain multiple NYC locations, as well as those in Dallas, TX, Las Vegas, NV and San Francisco, CA. ‘Wichcraft’s wide array of delectable dishes – from fried egg with bacon, gorgonzola and frisée on a ciabatta roll, to Sicilian tuna with fennel, black olives and lemon on a baguette – have helped to propel the eatery’s popularity.

Completed in February 2006, Bentel & Bentel Architects, Locust Valley, NY served as the project architect.

Cambridge’s Balance metal fabric pattern features large-scaled, flexible open weaves that shade and screen structures including facades, parking garages and pavilions, and can additionally be specified for interior purposes.

Cambridge’s Reelease attachment hardware has the unique ability to lower or raise metal fabric. A concealed overhead-mounted motorized reel both releases the metal fabric downward and retracts it upward for concealed storage. The unique attachment method is an excellent choice for Corporate Branding, Security & Safety, Solar, Ventilation, Landscape Interiors and Space Sculpting applications.

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Cambridge Architectural is a full-service provider of architectural metal mesh systems for both interior and exterior building applications. For more information, visit

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