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Chuy’s is a fast-growing, full-service restaurant concept offering a distinct menu of authentic, freshly-prepared Mexican and Tex Mex-inspired food. The chain currently has 32 locations across Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Indiana, Georgia and Oklahoma. All of the restaurants have an upbeat, funky, eclectic, somewhat irreverent atmosphere while still maintaining a family-friendly environment. As the chain’s owners say tongue in cheek: “If you’ve seen one Chuy’s, you’ve seen one Chuy’s!” Tennessee has four locations and all are topped with standing seam metal roofs fabricated from metal supplied by Englert Inc. of Perth Amboy, NJ.

The Chuy’s in Knoxville is the newest of the four in Tennessee. It opened in August 2013 and is topped with 6,000 square feet of Englert Series 1000 Galvalume Plus material. A week before opening day the chain’s architect decided to add a stand-alone canopy with a specification for a corrugated roof surface in the same Galvalume Plus color as the 16-inch-wide, 24-gauge roof of the restaurant. The corrugated material was chosen for the stand-alone canopy for its economy and durability.

“Because of the canopy’s proximity to the main building it was imperative that the corrugated canopy roof canopy exactly match the roof color on the main building,” notes Tony Newman, Englert’s director of sales. “It was essential that they use Englert’s material because every manufacturer’s Galvalume Plus color is a little different. Normally it would take longer than a week to order and deliver the metal to the site,” notes Newman, “but we explained the situation to our manufacturing team and they were able to get us the 2.67” by 3/4” corrugated roof panels in time for our Knoxville-based contractor, Goodard & Carter Fabrication to install the 2,500 square feet of canopy roof.” The canopy roof was in place when restaurant officials opened the doors two days later.

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