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A LandscapeInteriors™ metal fabric application from Cambridge Architectural, one of the world’s most experienced full-service providers of functional and visually intriguing metal fabric solutions, adds a high-end aesthetic to the interior of Comix, a newly-designed comedy club in New York City’s fashionable Meatpacking District.

Comix is a contemporary club inspired by modern artistry, fitting the trendy neighborhood with its interior design style. The desire for a modern and hip aesthetic makes metal mesh from Cambridge Architectural a natural fit for Comix.

“We associate Cambridge’s products with high-style and not simply functional elements,” says Rebeka Bieber, Principal of StudioRED, interior designer of the project. “Their metal mesh designs, in particular, inspire great design thinking and you want to incorporate them into the architectural fabric of the project.”

The LandscapeInteriors woven metal mesh application, installed at the club’s two bar areas, lends both beauty and sophistication to the chic comedy club. Functionally, the woven metal mesh curtains are able to be locked in order to provide safety as well as beauty.

“Architectural metal fabric remains an innovative and beautiful material for defining space, providing security or simply adding a fresh element of sophistication to a project,” says Heather Collins, director of marketing for Cambridge Architectural. “The flexible, durable structure of woven metal fabric, coupled with its striking appearance, offers architects the ability to experiment in many unique ways.”

Metal fabric in Cambridge’s modified Shade pattern was used to fabricate the LandscapeInteriors system. The mesh features flexible, open weaves that resemble chain mail and can be installed as window treatments, virtual space dividers or as dynamic design elements with track hardware. A combined 194 sq. ft. of woven metal mesh was used for this project.

Cambridge’s Curtain attachment hardware was used to install the Microbalance product. Custom track hardware conceals hooks to flexible metal fabric and permits it to travel along the track length as a window treatment or draping space divider. Flexible metal fabric is hung sideways to maximize a draping effect. Industrially chic metal mesh, in Cambridge’s Slink pattern, was also chosen to adorn the host stand at the club entrance.

“Metal mesh gave the host stand for Comix in New York City an ultra modern sensibility as it is designed to look like a push cart you would see on the street - very contextual to lower Manhattan. The stand is part of the architecture of the space, but is also sculptural, which allows it to stand on its own,” says Bieber. The Comix project team consists of general contractor McGowan Builders, North Bergen, NJ and interior designer StudioRED, New York, NY.

Comix plays host to headline comedians, established New York-area comics, cutting-edge alternative comedy, music and variety programming. Because the Meatpacking District is considered by many to be New York’s most fashionable neighborhood, Comix could not settle for anything less than the very best in interior design.

“We are very happy with the mesh both functionally and as a design element,” says Harlan Halper, Co-Owner of Comix. “The club has an elegant, contemporary and upscale look, and the mesh adds to that very well.”

One of the primary functions of LandscapeInteriors metal fabric applications is to dramatically define and separate space, while additionally providing visibility, light and air flow. In addition to LandscapeInteriors, Cambridge offers a variety of additional architectural metal fabric systems, and is available for assistance throughout the design-build process.

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