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1848 Construction Inc. of Middleton, WI, was the Authorized VP Builder for a new distillery and bar establishment in Cambridge, WI. Designed by Sketchworks Architecture LLC, also of Middleton, Dancing Goat Distillery has a distinctive look that blends well with the surrounding vineyards.

Dancing Goat Distillery was selected as the Best of Agriculture & Food Processing Category Award Winner in the 2018 Varco Pruden Hall Of Fame presentation.

As noted on the company website, "Tucked in the vineyards of Cambridge, Wisconsin just outside of Madison - the Dancing Goat was established by a collection of family and friends. We remain 'True to the Goat' combining the art and science of distillation from past experience with modern technology. We are continuously exploring new methods and techniques of distilling...."

Offering distilled spirits that are produced onsite, along with indoor and outdoor spaces for customers, Dancing Goat Distillery is a 16,700 sq. ft. structure that utilizes VP's Continuous Beam framing. 7,500 sq. ft. is production space, 6,250 sq. ft. is used for storage, and 2,950 sq. ft. is the business area.

Other products supplied by Varco Pruden Buildings for this project include unpainted Galvalume roofing in the SSR profile, and Vee Rib wall panels that create a pleasing design in conjunction with stone that was also used on the exterior of the building.

Among challenges encountered during the construction of the distillery was coordinating all of the specialty contractors involved in the installation of the distillation equipment. The project was completed in January 2017.

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