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In the automobile sales business, appearance is extremely important. With each model year, there are design improvements to both the outward appearances of the vehicles as well as the technology. For auto dealers, the need to offer an up-to-date showroom and service operations to their customers is a keen focus. Such was the case in Waseca, Minnesota where Deml Ford selected products from Varco Pruden Buildings to modernize their facility.

The original building for Deml Ford was constructed in 1983, followed by an addition in 1999. The new 5,544 sq. ft. showroom and shop operations feature Rigid Frame construction from Varco Pruden, covered by their Stran-Lok wall panels and SLR architectural standing seam roofing. The result is a beautiful example of how an existing 1983/1999 building can be modernized decades later. The new Deml Ford dealership was completed in October 2010.

In addition to looking sharp, the building is well insulated. The roof boasts an R-value of 47, while the walls were constructed with R-values of 34 and 24. The glass portions of the exterior have an R-value of 4.

The Varco Pruden Builder was AB Systems Inc. of Rochester, MN. AB Systems was also involved in the design, along with Ayshford Architecture Planning Inc. of Byron, MN.

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