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Local building covenants limiting the use of some metal construction materials were influential in the design of Eustis Body Shop in Lincoln, NE. The office/body shop facility was built by Schwisow Construction Inc. of Lincoln, using Rigid Frame and Continuous Beam framing from Varco Pruden Building Systems.

The design team at Davis Design, also located in Lincoln, worked with Schwisow Construction to provide the building owner long-term, maintenance-free metal construction products mixed with conventional materials.

Eustis Body Shop was selected as a winner in the Automotive category in the 2019 Varco Pruden Hall Of Fame presentation.

The 15,600 sq. ft. office/body shop measures 130' x 120'. A two-story area at the front of the structure utilizes parapet walls, while the remaining single-story section of the front has a roof hip that creates further design interest.

Exterior materials include masonry and EIFS on the walls complemented by glazing, along with Varco Pruden's SLR roofing in a Weathered Copper color. Thermal Design's Simple Saver insulation system provides energy efficiency.

Completed in July 2018, part of the construction process took place in the winter, necessitating the use of ground-thawing equipment to keep things on track.

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