Furniture Row Renovations

Laminators Inc.

It’s out with the old and in with the new for Furniture Row Companies. The parent company of Denver Sofa Mart, Oak Express, Denver Mattress, and Bedroom Expressions is getting rid of the weathered wooden planks used around the entrances at many of its stores and replacing them with sleek, modern metal composite panels. The supplier of the aluminum composite panels used in multiple locations so far is Laminators Inc. of Hatfield, PA.

First up to receive a visual upgrade was an Aurora, CO location. Intergroup Architects of Littleton, CO selected Laminators’ Omega-Lite ACM panels for the manufacturer’s quick turnaround time, and the ability of the panels to be installed using a variety of methods. The overall look and consistency of the aluminum composite panels versus other building envelope choices was also important in making their final decision.

Precision Contractors of Englewood, CO installed the panels using Laminators’ 1-Piece, Tight-Fit installation system. Due to the versatility of the Omega-Lite panels and the ability to use multiple installation methods, the installers were able to use a combination of their own [other] installation methods to easily achieve the design that the architect intended to showcase. Using contrasting colors on the panels and moldings, the design of the building provides a visually interesting and welcoming display for Furniture Row customers.

Riddell and Company of Englewood, CO supplied the Omega-Lite panels and moldings for this project.

​Photos: (Top photo) Furniture Row stores are getting a new, modern look, courtesy of aluminum composite panels by Laminators Inc. (Bottom photo) One of the company's Denver Mattress storefronts prior to renovation. Replacing the weathered wooden planks was one of the objectives behind the renovation.

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