Harbison Court Shopping Center

Laminators Inc.

Strategically located near I-26 and in the primary retail corridor of a growing residential area in Greater Columbia, South Carolina, Harbison Court Shopping Center has over 301,000 sq. ft. of retail property. Originally opened in 1991 and redeveloped in 2006, the property recently underwent a major facelift, with ACM panels from Laminators Inc. of Hatfield, PA among the materials utilized.

Approximately 25,000 sq ft of Laminators Incorporated Omega-Lite ACM panels in Slate Grey were installed on the building by Abrams Architectural Products of Austell, GA using Laminators' proprietary Clip & Caulk installation system. Abrams was also the product distributor.

Omega-Lite ACM panels offer a highly decorative, strong, and durable surface finish for exterior wall surfaces. Composed of a polypropylene, light-weight corrugated core between two finished aluminum sheets, these panels are non-absorbent, water-resistant and easy to maintain.

Laminators' Clip & Caulk installation system provides a Rout & Return look without the hassle of prefabricating the panels, greatly reducing the total installed cost and project timeline. This field- proven method has become popular among architects and installers looking for a flat look without visible fasteners. Panels can be cut on-site with few peripheral accessories needed for installation.  Color-matched caulk provides a monochromatic look while contrasting caulk can be used with eye-pleasing results. Clip & Caulk is visually compatible with masonry, glass, 1-piece or 2-piece extruded molding systems, but looks great as the sole exterior cladding material as well.

Omega-Lite installed with the Clip & Caulk system guaranteed Harbison Court a class A fire rating as well as met NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 285, Miami-Dade County Product Control and Florida Product Approval requirements.  

About Laminators Inc.

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