INS Bank - Brentwood Branch


INS Bank expanded its reach in Tennessee with the recent opening of another branch in Brentwood, a Nashville suburb. The new location has a strong professional appearance with the addition of VMZINC® Series Panels by Dri-Design. The design team at MJM Architects, Nashville, worked with the owner’s initial design concept for the building.

"The owner really liked the Dri-Design product, so all other cladding products were off the table," says Brian Rooney, with Alexander Metals Inc., Nashville. "The owner particularly favored the VMZINC finish offered by Dri-Design."

Alexander Metals installed 5,604 square feet of Pigmento Brown Zinc 1.5-mm VMZINC panels. Once the initial layout measurements were taken by the installers, the panels were installed bottom to top and left to right sequentially. The perimeter attachment surface was formed into the metal. Rooney notes the installation was relatively easy because of the team's attention to detail.

"It was critical to take accurate measurements for the panels because field cutting and forming is difficult. Fortunately, great care was taken with the measurements, and the panels fit perfectly," he says.

VMZINC Series Panels pull from the distinctive tones and textures of nature to create an exclusive, refined and unforgettable visual experience. Modern pigment technology generates a naturally grained texture of pre-weathered zinc in a Dri-Design panel. The panels are not laminated nor a composite, so they will not delaminate. Installation is efficient with the interlocking panel system.

"The Pigmento Series brings subtle natural zinc hues to a structure," says Tyler Fowler, national sales director at Dri-Design. "This memorable look is found in a panel system that is affordable, with no maintenance and no streaking because we don't manufacture panels with tapes, sealants or gaskets.”

The new branch is 19,000 square feet with customer banking areas and office space for employees of the bank and Finworth Mortgage, the bank's mortgage division. The bank's headquarters remains in the Green Hills area of Nashville, with the expansion bringing service to middle Tennessee.

About Dri-Design

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