Interspar Supermarket

Kalzip Inc.

The new Interspar supermarket in Neurum/Tirol, Austria, raises the bar as far as projects of that type are concerned. Owing to its good looks are the 75,000 sq. ft. of Kalzip AS 65/422 and 65/400 stucco-embossed aluminum standing seam panels on its exterior.

Architects Achammer, Tritthart and Partners used the panels to create a sweeping, canopy roof that curves down to form one of the building’s sidewalls. That transition from roof to wall was accomplished using crimp-curving technology that not only accomplishes a functional objective, but serves as a point of aesthetic interest as well.

Adding to the cut-above nature of the design is the building’s curved wooden ceiling. Spanning 30’ above the light-infused market hall floor, it was fashioned from a composition of local spruce and space-age fibers.

The project was completed in the Spring of 2005.

About Kalzip

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