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A designer, builder and building owner found a product that they like, and they have stuck with it on many collaborative projects. Flex-Ability Concepts’ Flex-C Trac is that product, and it was used to add design detail to the team’s latest creation - Majestic Nail Spa in Dallas, Texas.

Stephen Tran, owner of JAX Design Studio, Dallas, designs all the salons for Henry Nguyen, and that comes to about five per year. With that kind of working relationship, Tran uses products that are reliable to create the effect he wants to achieve. “I was given the freedom to design the full layout of the salon, including the detailed ceiling,” Tran noted. “The owner loves curve lines and radiuses in the ceilings, and I told him to use Flex-C Trac for the framing because of how well it works.”

About 3,000 linear feet of 20-gauge 3-5/8 Flex-C Trac was used in the salon. Flex-C Trac is made of galvanized steel and is available in 20, 18 and 16 gauges in a wide variety of metal framing widths. It can be curved to virtually any radius to meet any project’s requirements. The product was distributed by DAICO Supply Co., Carrollton, Texas.

Flex-C Trac was installed by SBC Drywall, Dallas. Company owner Sergio Baltazar noted that his crews use Flex-Ability Concepts’ products regularly. He likes the quality products that Flex-Ability Concepts manufactures, and he said they are very easy to install. Tran noted that Flex-C Trac also saves time. He commented: “The curves and radii on some of the ceilings I design are tight. If the installer isn’t using Flex-C Trac, the smoothness of the radius doesn’t turn out. The installer also has to cut standard straight track to create the curve, and that isn’t efficient.”

Nguyen originally asked for a traditional concept for his salon, but the fixtures and paint colors that he selected led Tran in another direction. Brushed aluminum finishes and light-gray paint colors became the basis for the emerging modern design. With its collaboration and timesaving products, the crew had the nail spa ready quickly to serve customers in a calming, modern space.

About Flex-Ability Concepts

Flex Ability Concepts logoFlex-Ability Concepts pioneered the development of flexible framing products. Patented Flex-C Trac can be curved by hand on the jobsite and is the brand by which all others are measured. Flex-Ability Concepts has continued to add new sizes and gauges to its Flex-C Trac product offering. Other products include Flex-C Angle; Flex-C Arch; Flex-C Header; Quick Qurve Plate; and Three Legged Dog, a complete line of deflection clips. For more information about Flex-Ability Concepts and its products for commercial and residential applications, call (866) 443-3539 or visit

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