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Showcasing an impressive mix of aesthetics, functional layout, natural lighting and ventilation is the Oxbow Public Market - a locally-owned specialty food and wine store located in the heart of downtown Napa, California. In addition to offering many fine wines and cuisine, the market also hosts events featuring music and dancing.

This unique building boasts a vented system with air movement for wine tempering, while the project architect utilized exposed wide flange beams around the perimeter for a structurally-pleasing effect. Adding to the desired industrial appearance are 14' roof overhang extensions, insulated metal roof panels, and exposed beams on the interior. The result is a welcoming atmosphere for the market's customers.

The market's enticing, yet functional layout was achieved through the use of a 19,815 square foot pre-engineered metal building system by Metallic Building Company, topped off by IPS RWP 250 insulated metal roof panels.

The insulated RWP Panel performs well as a roof or wall panel when used in conjunction with pre-engineered building framing systems. The product features an over-lapping major rib at the panel sidelap. Exposed fasteners are located in the major ribs when the panel is used for roofing and in the pan when the panel is used in a wall application - it is described as the only thru-fastener insulated panel in its market. This Tecfoam panel is filled with non-CFC polyurethane modified isocyanurate foam, achieving R-values up to 35.7.

The project included the following team members: general contractor, - Terra Nova Industries, (www.terranova-ind.com), Walnut Creek, California; architect - BCV Architects, San Francisco, California; builder - Striplin Walker Construction, Inc., El Dorado Hills, California; erector/roofing contractor - IPS, based in Stafford, Texas and Striplin Walker Construction, El Dorado Hills, California; and building manufacturer - Metallic Building Company, based in Houston, Texas.

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Metallic Building Systems, a Cornerstone Building Brands company, manufactures custom-engineered steel building systems. For more information, visit www.metallic.com.

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