Norwich Bus Station

Kalzip Inc.

With a striking standing seam roof that spans some 23,000 sq. ft., the new $7.25 million Norwich Bus Station in England makes an impressive addition to the city’s skyline.

Designed by NPS Property Consultants, the spectacular roof structure is formed by two separate converging canopies, both covered with Kalzip 65/400 stucco-embossed aluminum panels that are attached via Kalzip aluminum clips. A range of Kalzip fabrications, including a steel liner sheet, insulation and moisture-resistant vapor retarder, were also specified and installed by approved Teamkal members WWR (UK) Ltd. for the project’s primary contractor, Bluestone.

At the center of the larger plectrum-shaped canopy, translucent panels have been used to allow natural light to penetrate and reach the main concourse below. The second boomerang-shaped canopy is separate from the main structure, which enables air to circulate between the canopies to help reduce the accumulation of fumes from the buses below.

The flexibility and robustness of the Kalzip material made it an ideal solution for the demanding project, which was designed to reduce the environmental impact of the building. The roof canopy protects the glass-fronted travel center from solar heat gain, thereby reducing air conditioning demands.

The attractive, modern appearance of Kalzip, together with its durability and recyclability, made it ideally suited to the architect’s vision for the new and improved bus station. The old bus station, at a different location, had been in service since 1936. In addition offering riders a much more pleasant facility, the new station has become an instant architectural landmark. It’s also larger, with additional bus bays, a new travel center and improved waiting and bus access areas.

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