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AIA and Continuing Education Programs for Metal Construction

AIA_CE_logo_color The following is a list of AIA and other continuing education programs related to metal construction, organized by provider and program title. Click on the program title for more information.

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 3A Composites USA

• Aluminum Composite Material - Modern Architectural Cladding (email for info)

 Accurate Perforating

Designing With Perforated Metal


Cold Formed Steel Roof Edge Systems

 Aegis Metal Framing

Specification, Design, Manufacture and Installation of Light Gauge Steel Trusses

 AEP Span

Metal Roof Systems: Design and Installation Considerations

 AEP Span

Architectural Protective Coatings: FEVE Technology

• Extending Infrastructure Life Using FEVE Bridge Coatings

All Weather Insulated Panels

• Insulated Metal Panels In Rainscreen

• Insulated Metal Panels: Uniting Energy Efficiency With Design Versatility

Insulated Panels And The Environment

 American Galvanizers Association

Galvanize It! Lunch and Learn

 American Institute of Steel Construction

Design Steel Your Way II: Efficient Analysis For Steel Design Using The 2005 AISC Specification

HSS Connections

Practical Connection Design For Economical Steel Structures

 Architectural Metal Systems

Metal Roofing Systems Health, Safety, Welfare (HSW) Educational Program


Selecting a Resin-Based Coating for Metal

Use of Water-Based PVDF Coatings for Sustainable Design

 ATAS International

Demystifying Rainscreen Systems Utilizing Metal Wall Panels

Design & Testing of Perimeter Edge Metal for Low-Slope Commercial Roofs

Designing for the Effects of Wind on a Building - Tests and Reality

Insulated Metal Wall and Roof Panels - High Performing Systems in Design, Sustainability, and Operation

Metal Coil Coating Technology - Processing and Performance of Prepainted Metal in the Building Products Industry

Metal Roofing: History, Material, and Application

Solar Air Heating

Sustainable Building Envelopes

Understanding Metal Roofing

 Butler Manufacturing

• LEED Certification and Sustainable Steel Building Systems 

Life Cycle Costs of Metal Roofing Products

 Cambridge Architectural

Shading: A Daylighting Strategy for Sustainable Buildings


A Closer Look At Metal Wall Systems

Architectural Insulated Metal Composite Panels

Eco Metal: Sustainability Of Metal Wall & Roof Systems

ICBP Technology Achieving Superior Thermal And Moisture Protection

Metal Wall Rainscreens & Moisture Control

Reimagine Metal

The Metal Envelope

 Citadel Architectural Products

MCM102: Metal Composite Material

 ClarkDietrich Building Systems

• Comparing Traditional Steel Studs And EQ Steel Studs

Design Engineering And Exterior Light-Gauge Steel Framing Basics

Fire Joint Framing And Protection

Light-Gauge Steel Framing Connection Products

Metal Lath, Beads And Trims: Stucco And Plaster Accessory Products And Applications 

Proper Specifying And Installing Recommendations For Nonstructural Wall Framing

Proper Specifying And Installing Recommendations For Structural Wall Framing

Specify And Install Structural Steel Studs Per ASTM C955 and C1007

Specifying Traditional And Equivalent "EQ" Steel Studs Per ASTM C645

Utilizing Cold-Formed Steel In Mid-Rise Construction

 DECRA Roofing Systems

• Profiles and Installations Of Stone Coated Steel Roofing

 Drexel Metals Incorporated

Making The Educated Choice: An Overview Of Metal Roofing

Sustainable Design Ideas Using Metal Roofing

Understanding Metal Roofing Engineering And Test Requirements

 Dura Coat Products

• Cool Metal Roofing Coating For Sustainable Construction

 East Coast Lightning Equipment

Lightning Protection 101 (by the Lightning Safety Alliance)

 Englert Inc.

Architectural and Structural Painted Metal Roof Systems 

Best Practices for Metal Roof in a High Wind and Hurricane Environment

Architectural and Structural Reroofing: Metal as a Solution 

Metal Roof Coatings: 50 Years of Development

Metal Roofing and the Environment: Staying On Top For The Future

• E-102 Online, Metal Roofing In High-Velocity Hurricane Zones

 Flex-Ability Concepts

Creating Custom Curves: Adding Interest to Architectural Designs

 Garland Co. Inc.

An Innovative Approach to Commercial Roofing

Design Applications for Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Roof Systems Overview

Solar Roofing 101

 Kingspan Insulated Panels Inc.

Design Options And Sustainable Benefits Of Architectural Insulated Metal Wall Panels

Factory Insulated Foam Panels - Cold Storage Construction

Insulated Metal Panel Roof Systems

Envelope First Energy Efficiency And Pathways To NetZero Energy

Commercial And Industrial Building Envelope Solutions

High Performance Barrier Wall Systems Utilizing Insulated Metal Panels

 Laminators Inc.

Barrier vs. Rainscreen Exteriors: Choosing A Design Approach To Create A Rain-Proof Facade


High Performance Green Building Products

Insulated Metal Wall And Roof Panels

Insulated Metal Wall And Roof Panels For Sustainability And Energy Efficiency

Insulated Metal Roof Panels: The Environmentally Smart Choice

Fire Resistive Mineral Wool Core Panels

Retrofit Roof Systems Presentation

Integrated Metal Roof Retrofit With Multiple Energy Saving Technologies


 McElroy Metal

• Metal In Architecture

Integrating Solar With Metal Roofing Systems

International Building Codes (IBC) Application To Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing And The Environment

Retrofitting Flat Roofs With Steep Slope Framing And Standing Seam Metal Systems

• Metal Roofing Design: 10 Problems And How To Solve Them

 Metal Building Manufacturers Association

• Metal Building Architecture - Effective Design Techniques 

 Metal Construction Association


For additional information about the Metal Construction Association Programs listed below, please contact MCA headquarters at 847-375-4718

• Advanced Metal Roofing - (program developed for MCA by Fabral)
• Aluminum and Natural Metal Composite Panels - (program developed for MCA by Alcoa Architectural Products)

• Architectural Copper - (program developed for MCA by Fabral)

• Building Green with Metal Roofs and Walls

• Introduction to Aluminum and Natural Metal Composite Panels - (program developed for MCA by Alcoa Architectural Products)

• MCA Foam Core Metal Roof Presentation - (program developed for MCA by Metl-Span)

• Metal-over-Metal Retrofit Systems - (program developed for MCA by Roof Hugger)

• Metal Roofing - (program developed for MCA by Fabral)

• Metal Roofing: Improved Design & Specifications - (program developed for MCA by Fabral)  

• Metal Roofs & Walls - From A(luminum) to Z(inc)

• Mineral Wool Panels in Fire-Resistive Wall Construction - (program developed for MCA by Metl-Span)

• Retrofitting with Metal Roof and Wall Systems

• Solar Standing Seam Roofing - (program developed for MCA by Fabral)

 Metal Sales Manufacturing

Getting To Net-Zero With Metal Roofing

Retrofit Roof Replacement Systems

Single Skin Profiled Metal: The Sensible And Sustainable Wall Cladding Choice


Insulated Metal Roof Panels: The Environmentally Smart Choice

Insulated Metal Wall And Roof Panels For Sustainability And Energy Efficiency

• Mineral Wool Core Panels: Innovative Fire Resistive Wall Construction

 Morin - A Kingspan Group Company

Designing The Perfect Metal Wall

 Petersen Aluminum

Metal Exterior Walls

Medal-Winning Metal

Resilient Building Design

 PPG Industries

Cool Coatings for Metal Roofing

Managing Expectations of Exterior Colors & Coatings 

High Performance Fluoropolymer Coatings

Architectural Applications for Liquid & Powder Fluoropolymer Coatings


Zinc In Architectural Applications

Sustainable Application And Design Using Titanium Zinc Roofing And Cladding

RoofScreen Manufacturing Inc.

An Introduction to Rooftop Screen Wall Enclosures and Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Racking (email for info)


Snow Retention Devices: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly 

 SFS Intec

Corrosion Prevention in Construction Fastening Systems

 Sheffield Metals International

Portable Rollforming, Applicable Engineering & Installation Details

 Sherwin-Williams Corporation

Color Matters: The Relationship Between Color And Pigments In Architectural Coatings

• High-Performance Coating Systems For Metal Roofing

 SnoBlox-SnoJax and Snobar

Modern Snow Retention Products and Installation Methods

 Steel Framing Alliance

An Architect's Guide to Cold-Formed Steel Framing

Cold-Formed Steel in Construction Today

Connections for Cold-Formed Steel Framing Systems

Construction Solutions with Cold-Formed Steel

Design and Inspection of Cold-Formed Steel Structures

Design & Construction of Cold-Formed Steel Mid-Rise Structures

Design of Wall Systems Using Cold-Formed Steel

Intro to Design and Inspection of Cold-Formed Steel Structures

Panelization Design & Construction: Building Outside the Box

Residential Framing Systems in Cold-Formed Steel

Standard Practice for Cold-Formed Steel Structural Systems

Sustainably Green Steel-Framed Homes

Tools of the Trade: Cold-Formed Steel Construction

 Steel Framing Industry Association

• A Guide To High-Performance Cold-Formed Steel Assemblies

Cold-Formed Steel And Mid-Rise Construction

Cold-Formed Steel And Sustainability

New Generation Cold-Formed Steel Framing

Cold-Formed Steel Framing Meets The Energy Code Challenge

Specifying Cold-Formed Steel For Design And Construction Professionals

Design Of Hybrid Systems With Cold-Formed Steel 

 Tnemec Company Inc.

Environmetal Coatings Compliance

True Value of High Performance Coatings 

 TRA Snow & Sun

Roofing Solutions For Alpine Regions

 TrusSteel Division / ITW Building Components Group

Cold-Formed Steel Truss Systems (CFS) – Design and Application

 Umicore Building Products USA Inc.

Zinc Roofing and Wall Systems: The Sustainable Architectural Metal of Choice (email for info)

Zinc Roofing And Walls (email for info)



Design Considerations for Architectural Metal Panels

 VP Buildings

Sounds Like Steel (email for info)

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