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Blood Bank Of Delmarva

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Nowland Associates Inc.’s three building project for the Blood Bank Of Delmarva is an addition to a complex of three existing Star buildings which was also handled by the Newark, Delaware construction services firm. The new addition to the Delmarva, Delaware facility measures 8,370 sq. ft., for a combined project square footage of 60,000.

Star Building Systems, through its Elizabethton, Tennessee plant, provided design and materials for all primary and secondary framing for each building, which allowed for the integration of other components for the exterior coverings.

A 24-gauge, 18”-wide structural standing seam roof system and 22-gauge, 30”-wide insulated wall panels by other suppliers were utilized on these projects. The roof panels were turned down at the eaves to create a continuous look to a specific height at the sidewalls. The roof panels transitioned to the insulated wall panels along the sidewalls and the gabled ends were clad to the full height with insulated wall panels.

The new buildings were attached to various endwalls of the existing Star buildings. The entire project has some unique geometric shapes with a J-shaped building included in the new portion utilizing the design of valley beams.

ABHA Architects of Wilmington, Delaware was also involved in this project which was completed in November of 2010.

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