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Situated in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Eko Depot Hardware Store is comprised of various structures, two of which are custom designed metal buildings by Star Building Systems and two others are conventional concrete structures used for administrative offices and client services.

The largest building in this complex is the main retail space with a 3,016 sq. ft. mezzanine, the top of which is 5’-0” above the floor, for display of outdoor furniture. Outside, below the mezzanine, is space used for employee parking. In a notched corner, a façade was designed using steel tubular sections provided by Star and 42” wide IMP Fluted panels in Ash Gray above a tall bank of windows. This creates a thoroughly modern look of steel blending nicely with the hand-crafted stonework and the deep blue Alucobond treatment of the administrative building. The retail space is approximately 22,500 sq. ft.

The second Star building is for storage with a full mezzanine which has a large rectangular opening in it. This building is approximately 8,867 sq. ft. The finished floor sits at a higher elevation than the retail building.

The roof panels on both buildings consist of 26-gauge PBR panels in Galvalume Plus, with 26-gauge PBR panels in Ash Gray used on the walls. Optiliner BLS32 - 9.5” thick insulation, provided by Therm-All, was used in the roof and walls of the retail building. The retail area is air-conditioned. PSK-VR, 3” thick, was used in the walls of the storage building and Reflect –R, ¾” thick, was used in the roof. The bar joists and decking for both mezzanines was supplied by New Millennium Building Systems.

The architect was Borrell y Franco, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Star Builder GF Construction SA was the general contractor and erector.

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