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Mojave Crossing Event Center

Star Building Systems

Used for rodeos, livestock shows, gambling, assemblies and concerts, the Mojave Crossing Event Center in Ft. Mojave, AZ, totals more than 127,000 square feet.

With six buildings, this extremely large and complex structure had many challenges. If Star Building Systems made it, the Builder used it.

To begin, this facility required several clear spans ranging from 74 feet long to 240 feet. Incorporating six buildings and five different eave heights led to using mixed frames and lean-to’s. The use of mixed frames, lean-to’s, multi-span frames, both 8 ½” and 10” roof purlins and various eave heights all had to be integrated so the deflections remained constant.

Star engineers had to deal with special haunch clearances, multiple column types and size restrictions. Another challenge that Star engineers had to deal with was a 6,000 square foot hanging sky box. The sky box had to be totally supported from the Star structure.

The largest challenge in erecting this structure, other than the large clear spans and several frame types, was that the structure spanned over the rodeo area, which was 30’ deep. Due to these challenges, the Star engineers were able to create a one of a kind unique structure.

Star’s Authorized Builder is G & W Builders, Inc., located in Brea, CA.

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